The Traveler


Travelling is oxygen for me

For me, travelling is oxygen. It inspires in me the spirit to be up and kicking. Travelling is where I feel comfortable and myself again to see the beauties of nature and the nature of people around me during my travel adventures.


Most of what I am is largely due to travelling across the beautiful landscape of Pakistan. There lies me scattered from the historical city of Lahore to the spiritual bliss of Multan, the sweltering hot of Cholistan, the ancient streets of Mohenjodaro, the sleeping dead of Makli Necropolis near Thatta and the most modern visage of Karachi. And there lies me collected in the cool breezes of Murree, the Paradise of Shogran and the snowflakes of Swat. I have had a wide range of experiences from most of my travel pursuits.

Touching the Real-world 

Travelling is the real world for real experiences, real people, real emotions. Most of our life is spent in mechanical and mundane routines which makes us mechanical too. Traveling gives us the real-world to enjoy and think about ourselves and others in calm and peaceful moments of the journey. It’s being real and natural in both form and content.

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