IELTS Master Training

  • Do you want to prepare for a band 8 in IELTS?
  • Do you need the tools and strategies, so you can crack IELTS Reading and Writing Tests?
  • Do you want the exact step-by-step framework to master IELTS Listening and Speaking?

If you really want to improve your IELTS band, IELTS Master Training is the right choice for you. The test is taken by millions of students all over the world to go to Canada, Australia and UK for study and immigration purposes.

What is IELTS Master Training?

IELTS Master Training is based on a proven method that has helped many students acquire a band 7 or 8 in IELTS. It’s a learning system that focuses on the language skills that help you get your desired band.

99.9 per cent of your IELTS Success comes from where you study and how you study.

It is not enough to practice, you need the strategies and frameworks. You need to think like the examiner.

In IELTS Master Training, I will give you the exact step-by-step frameworks and strategies to get your required band.

Many of my students have got 8.5 Band in IELTS, you can get 8.5, too.

What is the Training Outline?

IELTS has four modules: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. Our training covers all these four tests along with other skills such as grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation that help you master the four modules. The training covers the following items:

  • Using the PILAR TECHNIQUE FOR LISTENING to easily improve your IELTS Listening band
  • Using the CEO TECHNIQUE FOR SPEAKING to magically improve your confidence and speaking skills
  • Understanding SCORE TECHNIQUE FOR READING to crack IELTS Reading Test. You don’t need to worry about vocabulary, time management or passage difficulty. SCORE is a powerful and simple technique to make reading super-easy.
  • Using PSQ TECHNIQUE FOR WRITING to start writing Letters, Reports and Essays

Remember! It is not about the technique; it is about the right techniques that bring the right results. 8+ Band IELTS is about learning the right strategies and using them properly – that’s the key.

Our Results

What is the Training Duration?

It is a 2-month Training, but you can continue if you need more time.

What is the Timing?

Multiple timing slots are available. The recorded lectures can be taken any time and LIVE Lectures are taken at 9 p.m.

What is the Method?

The training method is very simple. You will take online training. All you need is a mobile phone and an internet connection. And you must have a passion for learning.

We use Zoom for Online Training and Whatsapp for fast communication.

If you miss a class, you can complete the class by looking at the recording. There is also homework with the training and the trainers are always there to answer your questions. Our team is always ready to support you even after the training.

When will the Training Start?

Admissions are open. You can apply.

Can I watch Training Samples?

The following videos will give you an idea of ​​what your online training is like. The training is conducted in English, Urdu or both according to the content and level of the student.

What is the Fee?

There are three packages available for you to choose.

4-Week Crash Program2-Month Full TrainingIndividual Coaching
15000/- Pkr

Best for students who have One Month.
25000/- Pkr

Best for students who have 2-3 months.
35000/- Pkr

Best for students who are professionally busy.

If you don’t train yourself, you will always pain yourself.

If you are interested and you need more information, you can click the green button below.

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For details, just Whatsapp +92 312 990 4422 and our team will contact you, or you can click to Register for the training.

Trainer’s Profile

Prof. Naeem is the founder of (NEO) Naeem Educational Organisation. He is a Language Expert, IELTS Trainer and English Coach. He’s a Linguist, Traveler and the Writer of NeoEnglish, NeoIELTS and NeoLinguistics.

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