If you are looking to work or travel abroad, you can consult with Sir Naeem for his experienced consulting. He will help you out with his work abroad or travel suggestions that will save both your time and money and prepare you for a safe and bright journey.


Dubai Freelance Visa

With Dubai Freelance Visa, you can be our own boss, work for the best company and earn the highest salary working in Dubai. 2-Year Dubai Freelance Azad Visa makes you independent and successful. Come to Dubai with a Freelance Visa and enjoy a wealth of job and business opportunities. We also help you change your visa status.

Start Your Company in Dubai

Dubai is a business hub of investments and creates multiple business opportunities every day for small and large setups. If you want to start your company in Dubai, register a license, want a partner or investor visa, let’s help you make the right decision for the success of your business in Dubai. We will help you choose the right business category and license.

Dubai Freelance+ Visa

Dubai Freelance+ Visa gives you full benefits of Dubai Freelance Visa for job and business plus, it gives you 1-Year multiple entry Saudi Arabia visa which helps you get a job in Saudia or start your business there or just perform Umrah many times free in Saudia. You can also get a job in Dubai and start small work in Saudia and manage it from Dubai.


Dubai to Europe

Join Dubai to Europe Programme and get a 3 month visit visa to European Schengen country with the highest chances of success. We help you make the best decision to move to Dubai and then to Europe in a hassle-free and simple way in just 3-4 months’ time.

Dubai to Australia

If you follow the path to Australia from Dubai, you can easily get the visit visa. Australia has opened borders for UAE residents. You can consult with us on how to proceed to Australia with proper documentation and simple processing.

Dubai to Canada

Canada is open to UAE Residents more accessibly. You can get the visit visa with the highest success rate with our simple and hassle-free method of documentation and processing.

Dubai to America

America is a treasure of wonders and natural splendor, from the Grand Canyon to the statues and the bustling streets of New York. America offers you a 5-year multiple entry visit visa from Dubai and you can get the visa if you are a UAE Resident and meet conditions.

Dubai to Japan

Clean, friendly and polite people with technological atmosphere are the hallmark of Japan and its culture. You simply love it. Japan is one of the most visa friendly country in UAE. Just complete simple documentation and with our processing, you can add Japan to your visit visas.

Let’s turn your dreams into destinations and help you travel for Work or Studies.

Muhammad Naeem

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