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I help people improve their language skills.


English is the Language of Business.

English is the Foundation of IELTS.

English is the Dress of Your Personality.

English is the Language of Job Interviews .

English is the Passport to Success.

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If you are a student, a teacher, a businessman, a doctor, or a job seeker, NeoLanguage Coaching is Prof.Naeem’s revolutionary way of learning English that helps you learn English fast. It is different from the traditional way of learning because it is based on NeoMethod. NeoLanguage Coaching helps you become a confident user of English for life, work and exam.

Join IELTS Master Training for 8+ bands

If you are a student going abroad for Foreign Studies,IELTS Master Training is not mainly for practice. It is about understanding the core IELTS requirements by learning strategies and frameworks to meet those requirements and get 8.0 bands.

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