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My first book: 100 Days

I started my writing career with my first book ‘100 Days’ published by Azeem Academy Publishers, Urdu Bazar back in 1992. It created a sensation in Pakistani students and it helped millions of students to learn to write and speak English. Most of the students who studied my book reached high posts and achieved their dreams. “100 Days” is Pakistan’s first-ever English book written in Communicative Approach. Another milestone “Stepping Stone” was published by the same publisher. Later, I produced some guide books for CSS students with Azeem Academy Publishers.

100 Days inspired both students and teachers.

My books on MA English and Linguistics

Later, I started working with Famous Products (Pvt. Limited), Urdu Bazar. I prepared dozens of books on English Literature and Linguistics with special focus on Stylistics and Applied Linguistics. There are more than 27 books to my credit.

Books by NeoPublications

Subsequently, I started publishing my books from my own publishing platform,”NeoPublications”. NeoPublications published, “Handshake – a book for English Speaking“, “Advanced Communication Skills“, “Goodbye English“, “An Indeth Study of Common Errors” – most recently, “NeoEnglish” and “NeoIELTS Training“.

My philosophy as a writer

I believe that words are the currency of communication, and they can be employed for a positive change. That’s the main reason why I write content. I love language because words create experience and experience makes the change.

Language makes us and defines our present, past and future. Language is the most powerful tool to break the status quo and bring change in society.

Content is not the king

Content is not the king; only quality content is the king. That’s what I believe. The purpose of content is to engage the audience, educate them and move them, so they can naturally proceed to the desired outcome. However, content cannot achieve this outcome unless it is properly optimized.

My skills

I write and produce business, technical and academic publications for a variety of audiences. I offer my technical understanding that is critical to producing your high-quality work. The right language with the right approach for the desired outcome is my merit for the fast and flawless completion of projects.

I believe that the meaning of communication is the response you get. Content writing is a question-answer session between the company and the reader and my writing style meets the gap so that effective communication takes place and the reader is well-informed.


Please view the following projects: (The site is in editing mode – links will be provided soon)

  • College Prospectus
  • Research Article on “Happiness
  • Research Article on “Hook-up Culture
  • Ebook: How to learn English?
  • Ebook: Business Language Strategy
  • Ebook: IELTS Guide to 7+ Bands
  • Print Book on “Style and Stylistics
  • Print Book on Conversational English “Handshake
  • Print book on Discussion Skills “Advanced Communication Skills
  • Book notes on John Ashbery poems “The Painter“, “Melodic Trains
  • Notes on Linguistics
  • Notes on Hemingway’s “For whom the bell tolls” And many more…

Writing Services

I offer the following writing services. You are welcome to contact me.

Writer’s Profile

I have an MA in English with a PGD in Linguistics that makes me a compelling choice for content writing because I understand the logical and emotional impacts of the message. If you want to have the best content produced for your company, Whatsapp me at +92 312 9904422 or send me a message.

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