Website Writing

writing is specialized writing that targets the Internet audience and
focuses search-engine optimization in articles, blog posts and product
reviews. The main purpose of this type of writing is to educate the
audience. Most web content includes stories but this is not common
because some web articles and posts are informative only; they are not a
sales copy. 

Purpose of Website Writing

Website writing aims to provide
complex information in an easy form so the information is properly
understood and retained. The central focus of web writing is always the
keyword – keyword helps SEO ranking of the whole website or a particular
article or post. Web writing is aimed at relevance which means that the
website text
must be useful and helpful to the reader. Relevance also increases the
search-ability of the website by way of keywords for search engines to
find and display the information.

Types of Website Writing

content is written for various purposes and in various forms to
communicate the message. The most common forms of website content is
blogging, newsletters and articles. The following is an extract from one
of the articles in this blog Communication Skills.

Communication is Survival:  If you don’t communicate, you will die. Look at lion. Even lion doesn’t
hunt a pack of deer; he only attacks a stray deer. Why? because the stray
deer cannot communicate to the pack. We cannot stay aloof in modern
society. Our survival depends on our communication skills.

description is another type of website content writing. Since the
reader doesn’t have the product in physical form, a description of the
product is necessary to convey the facts and feelings about the product
so that the reader can make an informed decision. The following is an
example of Product Description from this blog article NeoEnglish.

NeoEnglish provides the solution. NeoEnglish is the easiest and the most
effective way of learning English at all levels. NeoEnglish finds out
your key weakness and teaches you the English you need, not the English
you don’t need.

The information must be actionable, searchable and shareable so more and more readers can access that information.

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