Communication Skills


Communication Skills is the set of skills that enables a person to
convey information as effectively as possible so that it is received and
understood in the right way for the desired results.
Communication doesn’t mean simply conveying information to the people.
It is a two-way process involving many dynamics.

Communication is the process of creating shared understanding.

Communication Skills for Professional Success

In modern age, communication skills are more important because many
people work together but are not physically together. They stay
connected through spoken and written messages. Writing skills, which
were always a career advantage, are now a necessity. Written and Spoken.
Advancements in technology mean that writing skills are increasingly
important because more messages are being transmitted. Looking and
sounding professional gain you credibility on the job. In a recent
survey of recruiters from companies with more than 50,000 employees,
communication skills were cited as the single more important decisive
factor in choosing managers.

Harvard Business School has said, “In business, communication is everything.”

Communication is Survival
If you don’t communicate, you will die. Look at lion. Even lion doesn’t
hunt a pack of deer; he only attacks a stray deer. Why because the stray
deer cannot communicate to the pack. We cannot stay aloof in modern
society. Our survival depends on our communication skills.
What are Effective Communication Skills

Effective communication means that you get the result that you need to
make progress. The problem with communication is that a message can be
understood and interpreted in many different ways. Effective
Communication packages the message so it is interpreted the way the
sender intends it to bring the result that he wants.

If a message can be interpreted in several ways, it will be interpreted in a manner that maximizes the damage.

Purpose of Communication Skills

The main purpose of communication skills is to connect with people to
build relationships and use dialogue rather than command and demand to
resolve personal and business issues. The heart of communication skills
is Listening and Understanding the other person’s point of view and find
out a win-win situation by way of dialogue.

The other person’s model of the world is critical to your success.

Contents of Training

  •   Connect and engage your audience.
  •   Develop effective listening habits.
  •   Lead people by communicating message that inspires them.
  •   Resolve everyday social and business conflicts in all situations.
  •   Learn State Management and Communication Planning.
  •   Understand the dynamics of communication.
  •   Using language patterns effectively for communication.

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