Team Language Training


The best teams speak the same language and improve their performance at work. Team language training ensures it.

  • Do you find it difficult to speak English at work?
  • Is it common that you don’t know what to say in a certain situation?
  • Your team members are fluently speaking English with each other, but you are thinking of how to make a sentence. Yes?
  • Do you find it hard to communicate with your friends in English?

Team Language Training is for those who want to effectively speak English with their colleagues at work and friends and family at home. The main purpose of the training is fluent English speaking to collaborate with your colleagues so they together as a team perform better for a common goal and vision.

Why team language skills?

Team language skills enhance your customer experience. Even a small improvement in pronunciation and sentence structure can make you perceive as an expert in the eyes of your customer.

  • If you want to be a good team player, communicate better to cement solid relationships with your friends, family and colleagues, Team Language Training is the solution.
  • With team language, you build trust, resolve conflicts, and stay focused on your personal and professional goals aligned with the company vision.
  • If you need to travel a lot and stay in constant contact with your boss and team players to report on important business affairs, you must improve your team language skills.

You can improve professional development of your employees for productivity, empower your overseas managers and foster diversity and inclusion.

Team English Helps Team Collaboration and Drive Productivity.

How Team Language Training Helps?

Team language focuses on building fluency with team members and makes staff more confident and autonomous.

The team enjoys language more than any other pillar of the organization because they always interacting with each other and also that’s where problems come up so frequently. Team English can be helpful in dealing with conflicts and solving day-to-day job issues. For example, when the team learns to use English, it depersonalizes their emotions in communication messages.

They can learn to use, “I guess”, “I am curious” or “I need help with…” rather than saying, “You are a jerk”. Learning new words can solve most of the work-place problems.

Improved communication skills make work teams more effective and allow employees to achieve their goals. Team Language Training equips your staff with the language to communicate confidently in a professional context that facilitates communication and performance and develop the culture of Englishnization.

How do I start?

If you are not sure to start your language strategy, call or email us, and we can carry out a language audit of your business to take your language culture to the next level.

For details, just WhatsApp your name, job, and city to + 92 312 990 4422
and our team will contact you or contact by clicking the link Register for training. Check your level of English free at Check Your Level of English.

Trainer’s Profile

Over the past years, I have coached and trained thousands of students to become confident and proficient language users.

Sir. Naeem is the language coach, trainer, and writer of NeoEnglish, IELTS Training, and NeoLinguistics. He’s an MA in English with PGD-Linguistics. As a decoder of Learning, he’s a Business English Expert specialized in ESP for students, teachers, doctors, managers, and leaders. DOWNLOAD FREE ENGLISH STRATEGY E-BOOK

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