NeoLinguistics Course

  • Do you know how language makes people rich and poor?
  • Do you know that “I have a car” has more than 7 different meanings?
  • Do you know “Naeem while Zain had had had had had had had had had had had a better effect on the teacher.” is a correct sentence?

Politicians use the rules of linguistics all the time to create an ideology and get people to follow them. It is all about understanding the science of language, called Linguistics.

Linguistics is a high-demand skill on the Internet for translators, journalists and teachers.

What is Linguistics?

Linguistics is a scientific study of language, and it helps us understand the world. In linguistics, we study language scientifically.

The purpose of linguistics is to understand what language is, how it became, what its major parts are, how it relates to other fields of life and how we can effectively use linguistics to teach the English Language.

Linguistics makes you a language expert – you can become a good translator, better language teacher or a writer.

Why is NeoLinguistics Important?

NeoLinguistics helps you understand language effectively. You will learn how our language affects our behavior and success in the world. We can use language to change ourselves and the world around us. Language creates problems for us in life, and we can use the same language to solve those problems. If you want to be a language expert, this course is for you.

NeoLinguistics is a tool for personal development. It helps you find a new meaning in life. Linguistics is a very interesting subject.

NeoLinguistics helps you in many fields of life.

  • As a teacher, you can use Linguistics to teach English better.
  • As a businessman, you can use Linguistics to improve your Communication Skills and lead teams better.
  • As a manager, you can use Linguistics to make powerful presentations.
  • As a doctor, you can use Linguistics for a healing effect on patients.
  • As a student, you can sharpen your critical thinking and linguistics helps you learn fast.
  • As a human being, Linguistics can help you find a new meaning in life for self-improvement.

What is NeoLinguistics Course?

This course will make you a language expert, and you can use it for many purposes. You can use it for Urdu-to-English or English-to-Urdu Translations, Copywriting in marketing and Teaching English to the whole world.

Best translators and teachers are those who know linguistics, and they can use their linguistic skill to make money online. You can help foreign college and university students solve their assignments. Also, you can teach Linguistics all over the world.

NeoLinguistics Course will help you become a better English teacher, Translator and Writer.

Since, linguistics deals with a variety of fields, many people can benefit from this skill. Most often, teachers of English, translators and writers are more interested in Linguistics because they can sell their skill on the Internet.

You will study the structure of language and the structure of meaning and discover how different branches linguistics solve social, financial and psychological problems.

What is the Course Outline?

The course covers both practical and exam-related topics.

  • Studying PHONETICS AND PHONOLOGY (Learn Accent and Music of English)
  • Learning SYNTAX (Learn Sentence Structures)
  • Learning MORPHOLOGY (Learn how words are made)
  • Learning SEMANTICS (Learn how meaning is created)
  • Understanding PSYCHO-LINGUISTICS (Learn the role of brain in language learning)
  • Improving your sense of SOCIO-LINGUISTICS (Learn about language genders, status and language leadership)
  • Appreciating STYLISTICS (Helping students solve their Literature Assignments)
  • Studying PRAGMATICS (How meaning affects human behavior)
  • Using APPLIED LINGUISTICS (Using Linguistics to teach English)
  • Understanding MICRO-LINGUISTICS (The Internal Structure of Language)
  • Understanding MACRO-LINGUISTICS (How language relates to different fields)
  • Understanding META-LINGUISTICS (How to use language for leadership, personal and social change)
  • Using LINGUISTICS IN TRANSLATION (Making money with translation texts)
    • Linguistic Tools and Software FREE.
    • And more and more…

What is Course Duration?

This is a 25-day course. You will be awarded the certificate after the course.

What are the Timings?

Different class timings are available in the morning and evening. If you miss a class, you can watch the class recording.

What is the Method?

The method is very easy. You take online classes with Mobile Phone and Internet Connection. You also need to have passion for learning.

We use Stream for Online Teaching and Whatsapp for Students’ Problems.

If you miss a class, you can watch the recording later. You are given homework with the class teaching and teachers are always available to answer your questions.

We are also available to help you after the course and solve your problems.

When will the Course Start?

Admissions are open. The class is starting from the coming Monday.

Can I watch Course Samples?

Please watch the videos below so you have an idea of how your online classes are conducted.

What is the Fee?

The original course fee is 9970/- but we are offering a discounted fee 7995/- for a limited time.

This fee is nothing for the skills you learn. Don’t pain yourself. Train yourself and become successful.

How to Join?

If you are interested, you can click the green button below and request Bank Details to start the course.

Send me bank details for the fee.

For any questions, Whatsapp +92 312 990 4422 and our team will contact you.

Trainer’s Profile

Prof. Naeem is the founder of (NEO) Naeem Educational Organisation. He is a Language Expert and IELTS Trainer. He’s a Linguist, Traveler and Writer of many books. He has helped thousands of students and professionals to learn English successfully and pass International Tests.

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