Write and Speak Powerful English


Let me tell you how you can write and speak powerful English fast. Old
methods of learning and speaking English have failed. Old methods teach
you English subject but they don’t train you in Speaking Powerful English.

English is very simple if you know how? If you don’t know how, you will
spend all your life and you cannot learn English. You just need the
right way to learn to speak powerful English.

Learn Syntax, not Grammar

The very first and the most important rule to
remember is: “Don’t study grammar”. Yes, if you want to speak correct,
powerful and fluent English, don’t study grammar. Learn syntax. Syntax,
not grammar is the foundation of Language. This is powerful and
interesting. It helps you can speak grammatically correct ssentences without learning grammar rules. Remember, speaking is a 100% practical skill – grammar rules are the Enemy of English Speaking.

I know grammar but I don’t teach you grammar because grammar is based on
rules. You forget rules because grammar is boring. I teach you NeoSyntax
because it improves your Speaking Power Quickly.

The Pareto Principle

that focus is everything in learning. When you are learning English,
your focus can make or break your success. 80% of English
Speaking requires only 20% of your efforts. You just need to learn where
to focus for maximum results. Most teachers focus on teaching things
which are not important. That’s where the problem is – focus the right
information and get results quickly – that’s magic.

When you focus grammar, you learn grammar, when you focus speaking, you learn confidence and speaking.

Learn Lexis, not Vocabulary

vocabulary is a headache. You can improve your vocabulary by studying
Lexis. Lexis is the vocabulary that you need in a certain situation.
Lexis is not based on words, it is based on Chunks of Language. Language
Chunks improve your vocabulary quick and fast for Powerful Speaking.
Language chunks are based on NeoLexis – that is a powerful concept.
NeoLexis builds your vocabulary and speaking power instantly. When you
learn vocabulary, it becomes passive in your mind because it’s almost never used, it is forgotten. When you learn Lexis, it is quickly learnt because it is implemented right awayI have created a system of lexis that will improve your
vocabulary fast.

Now, you will never say that your vocabulary is weak because you can improve your vocabulary in days.

Build Confidence in 15 Minutes

Speaking Powerful English requires confidence. For confidence building, I
do not give my students topics so they can come to the stage and speak
English – No, No, No. That’s a confidence killer. I build confidence in
my students in just 15 minutes using my NeoLinguistic Techniques and the
students instantly develop confidence to speak English.

My students do not focus on confidence, they focus on speaking because I have already built their confidence.


I created this concept because I found that most
students forget what
they learn. Learning to remember is a big problem for students.
Metacation is highly recommended for students who forget their lessons.
It builds their memory power for Powerful English Speaking. Speaking
Powerful English is not temporary, it is permanent and deep. Metacation
is part of NeoMethod. It helps you learn quick and builds the skill at
the unconscious level so your learning is deep. You don’t have to think
about English to speak because you have English coming to you
instantly and you start speaking fluently and powerfully.

Metacation teaches you to remember what you learn so you never forget English. Your learning becomes permanent and deep.

Do you want to speak powerful English?

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