What is NeoEnglish?


Why NeoEnglish?

NeoEnglish was first provided by Sir Naeem to different private schools, institutions and individuals as ESL or EFL learners catering for their linguistic needs in everyday communication. NeoEnglish is the result of Sir. Naeem’s efforts in language research and methodology.

Build your foundation

A strong foundation in the English Language is important in fields and subjects. A strong foundation is important for students to excel in their studies or pass exams like IELTS, lawyers to advance in their career, doctors to go abroad and graduates to get high-paying jobs.

Learning English is very simple, if you know how? If you don’t know how, you will spend all your life, and you cannot learn English. You just need the right way to learn to speak powerful English.

The following are the core features of NeoMethod.

  • Find your passion and learn. NeoMethod is not traditional. It’s NEW so we call it NeoMethod. NeoMethod teaches language in a way that creates passion. The more passionate you are, the more you learn. NeoMethod inspires confidence and passion.
  • Learn Language Structures. Don’t learn grammar. Learn goal-oriented syntax and learn it to the skill you want to develop. Grammar itself is a wrong turn. You have already spent many years of your life, but you didn’t learn to write or speak powerful English.
  • Don’t worry about your vocabulary weakness, learn lexis and language chunks for quick improvement of vocabulary in a few days.
  • MetaLearn with NeoMethod. Learning is forgetting. MetaLearning is a part of NeoMethod that helps students remember what they learn without having to struggle. Metalearning improves memory. NeoMethod teaches you how to learn, and you take control of your learning.
  • Learn with an Expert Trainer. You have heard that practice makes perfect, but wrong practice makes perfect wrong. If you are practicing wrong, your mistakes will become perfect. So, an expert trainer is important who should guide you and train you to your learning goals.

NeoMethod combines expertise, honesty and science into creating a system that has worked for me, is working for others and will work for you if you work it.

What is NeoEnglish Course?

NeoEnglish Course helps you:

  • Improve your grammar and NeoSyntax to improve your sentence structure.
  • Build your vocabulary with NeoMorphology Techniques.
  • Understand punctuation and spelling to improve your writing skills.
  • Speak better with confidence and pronunciation so your speaking abilities increase.
  • Adopt a perfect framework for writing and speaking English.

NeoEnglish is the easiest and the most effective way of learning English at all levels. NeoEnglish finds out your key weakness and teaches you the English you need instead of things you don’t need.

Now, you can speak English to anybody, any time, anywhere and become successful.

English English is a:

  • A 2-Month proven-method that has helped many people to learn English fast.
  • A face-to-face English learning system that produces the best results.
  • A coaching system rather than lecture.
  • A bundle of 5 Training Videos.
  • A training that saves your time at the comfort of your home.
  • A perfect framework for learning to speak and write powerful English. 
  • A system of support and help during and after the training with certificate.

What’s in the course?

Learn everything that you need to write and speak powerful English. I will teach you how to think so you can master English fast.

  • Module 1: Language MindSet Coaching framework that helps you learn English fast.
  • Module 2: Learn Neolexis and get vocabulary power.
  • Module 3: Crack the Grammar Code with NeoSyntax and boost your writing skills.
  • Module 4: Improve your confidence with Metacation and speak powerful English.
  • Module 5: Master pronunciation and deliver effective presentations.

How do I start?

Whatsapp +92 312 990 4422 or contact by clicking the link Register for the training.

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