What are your observations of "Walking on the Moon"?

“Walking on the moon” is an informative essay by David Scott. He has written this essay to tell us about his adventure of visiting the moon for three days. He has used a number of metaphors to make this essay interesting and attractive.

He tells us about the sights, experiences and weightlessness he observed there. He made this journey in the Apollo 15 on July 29, 1971 and landed on the surface of moon with the help of a lunar module along with his two companions. They felt weightlessness as the gravity of the moon was sixteen times less than that of earth. They felt as they were walking on a trampoline. There were mountains on the surface of the moon. Stars were shining there. Then the sun rose with its full brightness and they came down on the surface of the moon with the help of a ladder. There was no air, no water, no plants and no life. Only brownish mountains and the beaches were there. One day on the moon was equal to 50 hours on the earth. They walked on the moon with an air of pride and honour as they were doing what no human being had ever done and they were the first to touch that mystical soil under their feet. These were the observations and feelings of Scott which he has composed in his essay to share them with the readers so that they can also feel his enthusiasm and pride.

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