Umrah Tour


Performing Umrah is one of the most significant favors of Allah upon us.

Journey to Makkah Mukarma

I started my journey from Lahore and flew to Jeddah by Serene Flight. I had a pleasant experience at the airport. I wrapped myself with Ehram and boarded the plane. The journey was pleasant along with the small meal served. The flight was in time so, there was no problem whatsoever.

Performing Umrah

As you reach Makkah, you have to perform one Umrah because you have already crossed Miqaat. I performed four Umrahs – one from Lahore, another from Masjid-e-Aysha, the other from Taif and the last one from Madina. Because all these four routes have four miqaats, we have to perform Umrah each time we cross the miqaat at these places. Also, it is also an addition to your blessings and favours that you perform Umrah from major directions from which the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) performed his Umrah.

Holy Visits

There are a number of holy visits to seek blessings from. If you are in Makkah Mukarrama, you can go to Ghar-e-Thawr, Ghar-e-Hira, Minah, Arafat, Masjid-e-Aysha, Taif and the place where the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) was born. And if you are in Madina Munawara, you can visit Turkey Museum, Jabal-e-Rahmat, Madina Markets, Uhd Moutain, Khundak Battlefield, Badr Battlefield, Qooba Mosque and Gardens of Hadrat Usman (RTA).

Going to Madina

Visiting Madina has been a dream of millions to come true. You stay in the city of the Prophet (PBUH) and reap millions of rewards and blessings from the Holy Prophet’s seat of Iman and Learning.

May Allah bless you with the honor of being a guest to the House of Allah and House of the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) – Ameen!

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