Train the Trainer

Train the trainer (ToT) is highly recommended in the
changed educational scenario. There is no concept of teacher training in
the modern world because there is no teacher required. The world needs
no teachers.

The world needs trainers and coaches because people don’t like to be taught, they like to experience learning.

Trainer is a Catalyst

A trainer is a catalyst because through the trainer, change takes place.
A trainer’s main tool is training and if his training doesn’t bring
change, he is not a trainer. A trainer makes his training actionable by
using simulations, role plays and games so the trainees can experience
learning. He believes that telling is not training, listening is not
learning – training means experience.

How People Learn

Trainer has the expertise
of how people learn. Learning is not simply a transfer of knowledge and
information to the trainee. Learning is a process of change in a
person’s understanding, knowledge, abilities from experience. Learning is not Memory: Memory is our ability to store and
recall past experiences in various ways.

The New Generation

The whole idea of this new generation of students is that they have
grown up in technology and they have been labeled as a Lost Generation.
Their minds are working at 100 miles an hours and as adults, we allow
them to grow up with technology but they forgot the art of sitting and
listening and be able to have interpersonal communication. Imagine: A TV
Program geared towards this generation will have 95 flips or
transitions pop up in one minute to maintain their interest.

Training management problems occur or if you are in a school, class
control will suffer. For effective control, the trainer has to be in the
leadership role rather than authoritative style. The authoritative
style itself creates disciplinary problems.

The Trainer and Trainees Relationship

Trainer-trainee relationship is based on inequality. The trainer knows
or has experienced something that the trainee doesn’t know or has not
experienced. Trainer can dispense training in a friendly-style but a
trainer is not a friend. Trainers in any learning situation need to draw
a fine line between taking an interest in their students and becoming
personally involved with them. Finally you should keep in mind the
implications for the future of your relationship with your
students—practical, professional, and moral.

Training is not a relationship among equals.

Train the trainer is the first step to building a future generation of people with changed behaviors.

Contents of Training

  • Understanding Adult Learning (Andragogy) and Targets
  • Conducting an effective TNA – The Needs Analysis
  • Structure your Trainings using 4MAT Model
  • Delivering Great Training Courses with modern planning, methodology and control.
  • Dealing with Difficult Trainees
  • Using Games, RolePlays, Simulations for Brain-Based Learning.
  • Master Coaching and Reflective Training

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