TOEFL Basic Information

TOEFL means The Test of English as a Foreign Language. The TOEFL Program is administered by Educational Testing Service (ETC). It was first administered in 1965. Later CBT came popular and was first administered in 1995.
Test Format:
Computer-based Testing (CBT)
Candidates taking the computer-based TOEFL test will first go through a seven-step tutorial (un-timed and un-scored) designed to teach computer skills.

Section I     
 –  Listening Comprehension (part I. short dialog part II. Long dialog part III. Longer    
lectures, talks and broadcasts etc.  40-60 minutes (30-50 questions)

Section II     
–  Structures and Written Expressions (part I. gap-fills part II. Mcqs. Error in grammar
Usage. 15-20 minutes (20-25 questions)

Section III   
–  Reading Comprehension and Vocab. (Main ideas, facts, inferences, vocab etc. Text line
insertion etc. 70-90 minutes (44-55 questions)

Total Scores:     0-300

CBT Scoring
Listening 0-30  Structure/Writing 0-30  Reading 0-30 (90Χ10=900/3=300)
TWE Essay (on a separate scale) 0-6

Total Fee:           130 dollars

Fee Deposit:      Direct ETC or The center in Malaysia
Schedule:          6 times a year


Paper-based Testing (PBT)
Section I     
–  Listening Comprehension (part I. two-line dialogs part II. two extended conversations.
part III. Three mini-talks. 40 minutes (50 questions)

Section II     
–  Structures and Written Expressions (part I. fifteen gap-fills. Part II twenty-five errors 
recognition 25 minutes (40 questions)

Section III    –  Reading Comprehension and Vocab.(5-6 passages 45 minutes (60 questions)

Test of Written English is 30 minutes (an essay of 3 – 5 paragraphs b/w 200 – 300 words) with one question only. Two types of questions: 1) Describing and interpreting a chart or graph. 2) Comparing or contrasting opposing viewpoints on an issue and then taking a position and argue in favor of your view.
Total Scores:     670
TOEFL Scoring: The acquired number is multiplied by ten and divided by three.
Total Fee:        130 dollars
Fee Deposit:     Direct ETC or The center in Malaysia
Schedule:         6 times a year
Lahore Center:                                          (LUMS) Lahore University of Modern Sciences

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