Spoken: What manners!

1. What manners!
Kya museebat hai?
We use this expression to show your annoyance and anger when something wrong happens or somebody misbehaves.

What manners! you are always playing with my mobile.
Kya museebat hai. tum hamesha mere mobile se khelte rehte ho.

2. May your shadow never be less!
Allah aap ka saya hamesha hamarey saron par salamat rakhay. 
We use this expression to pray for something.

My father is a great man. May his shadow never be less!
Mere walid aik azeem admi hain. Allah unka saya hamesha mere sar par salamat rakhay.

3. One in a million.
Lakhon mein aik
Showing value of somebody or something.

My son is one in a million. You will never find like him.
Mera beta lakhon mein aik hai. Us jaisa aap ko kabhi nae milay ga.

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