Santiago's fight against the Sharks and Main theme

‘The Old Man & The Sea’ is the worth-imitating novel by Hemingway. Certainly, the description of novel wins admiration of the reader. The hero of the novel announces the KeyNote of novel while fighting against the sharks that, “But a man is not made for defeat. A man can be destroyed but not defeated.” He is failed to save Marlin but proves that man may learn a lot in case of losing the battle, so the Old Man fights undauntedly like a true warrior.  Santiago succeeds in killing the Marlin after the long period of the patience. With the sense of victory, the Old Man lashes the Marlin alongside his skiff and sales back to his shore.

The first attacking shark is Make. It is a beautiful fish except its jaws. Here, the writer gives detail about the kinds and appearance of sharks. The Mako shark has the teeth like man’s fingers when they are crisped like claws. The ordinary sharks have pyramid – shaped teeth. Santiago hears the clicking chop of these great jaws. The sharks tears of the Marlin’s flesh. But he drives the point of his weapon “with resolution and complete malignancy into the shark’s brain. At this time, Santiago has to bear big loss as shark takes with it forty pounds of Marlin, the harpoon and all the rope. The loss is increased when the Marlin’s blood attracts other sharks.  Santiago sees the second shark coming and utters the single work “Ay”. There is no translation of this work. He feels sorry for his big fish. But he is confident and resolute. “But a man is not made for defeat”, he said, “A man can be destroyed but not defeated”. He tries to cheer up his spirits. He thinks about many things including baseball. He enjoys his killing the shark. Santiago kills the second and third sharks, hateful, bad smelling, sea-vengers as well as killers with his knife lashed to an oar. But when the gallons take with them fully a quarts of the Marlin’s best meat. “I wish it were a dream and that I had never hooked him, “says the Old Man, “I am sorry about it, fish. It makes everything wrong. “The forth shark a single shovel-nose adds yet another degree to our sense of wronged rightness. Santiago kills the gallons but it breaks Santiago’s knife.
 By the time the Old Man has clubbed the fifth the and sixth sharks put into death just at sun set. But a full half of the Marlin has been eaten away. “What will you do now if they come in the night?” Asks the voice inside the
Santiago,  The sun sets. What could he do in the darkness of night? “Fight them”, he says. He sees the lights of the shore. He is stiff and shore now and his wounds are all the cramped parts of his body hurt with the cold of night. More shark come in a pack and attack the Marlin. The Old Man clubs at their heads. He knows that he is fighting a lost battle. His club is also lost during the fight. He then takes the litter and beats the sharks with it. He fights desperately. When he reaches the harbour, his big fish is all but a skeleton.  It seems that the Old Man has lost this fight as there is nothing left of the great fish except the skeleton. But he succeeds to save his honour and dignity. His honorable fight proves him the greatest fisherman. He proves that he can never be defeated. It is not the big fish who has beaten him. He will be counted as the undefeated fisherman. 

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