Sample Dialogues for FA-BA English

Four exchanges:  Between a tailor and a customer

Customer:      How are you?
Tailor:            I am fine and you?
Customer:      Fine as well. How are things going?
Tailor:             Well. But there is much pressure of work these days because of Eid.
Customer:      What about my dress? You promised it to me for today.
Tailor:            Yes, but it isn’t ready today. You can get it tomorrow if you don’t min
Customer:      Ok, I’ll come tomorrow. Bye!
Tailor:            Bye!

Six exchanges:  Between two students on hobbies/ free time

Situation:      (two students talking about their hobbies in the canteen)
Student 1:      What do you do in your free time?
Student 2:     I read books. It is my hobby. What is yours?
Student 1:     My hobby is watching TV.
Student 2:     Why do you watch TV?
Student 1:      I watch TV because i
t gives me both entertainment and information.
                        Why did you take books as your hobby?
Student 2:     I love books for the similar reasons. Books are good companions.
Student 1:     What kind of books do you like to read?
Student 2:     All kinds; but my favourites are suspense and history books. What kind of TV programs do you like?
Student 1:     My favourite TV programs include comedy, social and quiz programs. Why don’t you too start watching TV?
Student 2:     Actually, TV programs are usually monotonous. But reading books is a good hobby. You can select books of your choice and enjoy them.
Student 1:     I think you are right. We should help promote book reading culture.
Student 2:     Book reading is a very good habit.

Eight exchanges between husband and wife on price-hike/quarrel

Situation:      (the husband prepares to go to the work and his wife stops him)
Wife:               Do you hear?
Husband:       Yes, what is the matter? You always stop me when I prepare to go out.
Wife:               Just give me five hundred rupees as I have run short of money.
Husband:       Where is the two thousand rupees I gave you on the 1st of May?
Wife:               I spent all. You see, how dearness has increased!
Husband:       Why don’t you spend wisely? Every month, I have to give you extra-money.
Wife:               I am not at fault. Prices of even minor commodities are touching the sky. I have cut down on necessities; still it is difficult to manage.
Husband:       What do I do? Money doesn’t grow on trees.
Wife:               You must understand, dear. We have two children. They go to school.
Husband:       Don’t you see how I work hard? I have two part time jobs.
Wife:               You won’t believe but rice, sugar and oil have doubled the price for the last two 
Husband:       Ok. I’ll cease fire. I have two hundreds only. You can have them.
Wife:               I understand how it feels but one can’t help in dearness.
Husband:       This will change. The boss has decided to give me a raise.
Wife:               That’d be great! How about starting my tuitions at home?
Husband:       This will be splendid! Thus, we can easily manage the house.

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