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Professional writing is a highly important skill in demand. Most graduates lack the ability to write effectively for a career. This lack of skill costs them unemployment because employers don’t know the employee, don’t know their abilities, they know only of their profile or CV that prompts them to call the prospective employer for the job interview. This is the same for the LinkedIn Profile and the CV. Most of the hirers use LinkedIn to find employees, so LinkedIn is job seekers’ prime source of getting jobs. The purpose is to get noticed.

Profile writing is your career story; make it interesting and get noticed.

LinkedIn Profile and CV Writing 

There’s a clear difference between the two. The LinkedIn Profile is for all the jobs that you are interested in while a CV is much more targeted to a specific position and company. So keep your CV and LinkedIn Profile separately. My CV Profile runs like this:

I am a dynamic and result-oriented ESL teacher committed to inculcating a passion for learning, creating awareness through teaching the fundamentals of the English language. I have a strong talent to develop and implement a creative, hands-on curriculum that reaches every student’s learning style and ability, empowering them to succeed and realize their individual goals. Furthermore, I am a trustworthy and approachable individual with excellent communication skills to cooperatively work with parents and faculty to meet the needs of students and promote the philosophy and goals of the institution.

And my LinkedIn Profile is framed differently because it has different objectives:

Sir. Naeem is a Language Expert and Writer of NeoEnglish, IELTS Training and NeoLinguistics. As decoder of Learning and Training, he’s a Business English Trainer and Linguist specialized in ESP. With Presentation and Communication Skills, IELTS and Language Trainings for students, teachers, doctors, managers and directors, He offers The Leadership English. Call him 03129904422 to request your free copy of the E-Book “Language Strategy for Business English” or Email:

Quality of a Profile

Every profile is different whether it is on LinkedIn or CV sheet because the aims and objectives vary from person to person and position to position. Ideally, a profile must show years of experience, education, expertise, Skills and Achievements in a concise form to create attraction. The following is an example of such a profile.

A certified writer with 7 years experience in copy writing, an expert at using words effectively with a knowledge of using the Internet for researching any topic of interest and excellent communication skills that my one copy converted 900 visitors into customers.

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