NeoMethod of Learning English

word, ‘NEO’ means something new. So, we have words like,
‘NeoSystem’, ‘NeoPakistan’ and ‘NeoMethod’. In fact, this word is the
acronym of the full phrase: Naeem Educational
Organisation that inspires learning and training people. NEO has decoded
the mystery of learning and training people for successful results.  In
the midst of countless methods of learning, NeoMethod is the latest
sytem . This method helps train people to speak English and
communicate effectively in everyday and business situations.  NeoMethod
is built on the simple philosophy:  
Train or Feel the Pain which means that the pillar of NeoMethod is readiness.
The question is how we train using this method. The main processes are the following:
Listen and Learn Naturally
NeoMethod is largely based on Listening Skills. You listen before you
speak. Listening skills are the basis for speaking. It is the input that
keeps piling in your mind that comes as output as a result of
interaction. The more you listen, the more you speak because language
begins from listening and ends at speaking.
Speak Fluent
NeoMethod helps you speak English fluently and comfortably. It turns
you into a GREAT COMMUNICATOR effortlessly. Remember, if you are a
student of language learning, when I use this method, I take you as a
student of Language, not of exam so my method doesn’t teach you tests,
exams or the superfluous stuff like that. I directly focus SKILL
DEVELOPMENT. I believe that you can learn English by directly focusing
the SKILL you want to improve and NOT by taking a long study of grammar
and vocabulary. I DO teach GRAMMAR and VOCABULARY but they are geared to
the skill that you want to improve. I don’t teach grammar for the sake
of grammar; instead my grammar and vocabulary lessons help
you facilitate the process of learning the skill that you want to

Develop your English Skill, not your grammar or vocabulary.

For me language learning is like driving or swimming. When you learn
SWIMMING or DRIVING, you don’t start with the mechanism, you simple JUMP
or DRIVE and you learn it. It’s just as simple! What’s language? It’s a
SKILL and no skill can be learnt without practice. Learning Grammar
and Vocabulary is all right, but practice will make you not only better
but also permanent. Whether you learn ONLINE or ONSITE, philosophy is
the same. YOU come first and SPEAK, not the teacher. When you practice
in Online Classes LIVE with NEO…You will be amazed how much you learn
because the focus of learning and practice is entirely YOU.
Be Passionate
Waste your Efforts, Learn according to your Passion. You learn as much
as PASSIONATE you are. You will progress exactly in
proportion to your efforts. NeoMethod is not traditional. It’s NEW so we
call it NeoMethod.  Your learning entirely
depends on you how passionate you are about learning English. So
NeoMethod FREES your Mind; it gives you autonomy and freedom and makes
you passionate; it gives you motivation first so you can learn
English on your own terms.

This method makes you 100 percent passionate about English so you learn to speak English by 100 percent.

Get a Mentor
Since learning English is all about practice but it doesn’t mean
practice without a teacher or coach. If you practice alone and repeat a
word 1000 times incorrectly, DO YOU THINK, this kind of practice will
make you better and permanent? YES, this practice will make your
incorrect language permanent. So to practice correctly and Learn Correct
English, you need to practice with a Language Expert who provides
the chance to Practice Language and Corrects you when you make a
mistake. FURTHER, if your practice is boring, you will lose your
PASSION, so the teacher tries to make your practice as exciting as
possible. If Practice is the King of English, Teacher is the King-Maker
of Practice.
Use Your Conscious Mind
I use NeoMethod based on Applied Linguistic Principles and
Direct-Instruction Strategies. Direct-Instructional Approach helps you
learn step-by-step by breaking lessons into small Holons that you can
understand and practice well. Applied Linguistics is based on Mind-Body
relationship. This approach helps you access your subconscious mind and
teach a skill to yourself. If you try to teach something to the
conscious mind, it resists but if you teach something to your
unconscious mind, it quickly learns it. You know that children learn things
quickly because their conscious mind is suspended in most situations.
Children largely operate out of their subconscious mind so they grasp
skills quickly even when they are sitting doing nothing. Since, our
subconscious mind works best in games, role-plays and simulations, it
learns fast. In my trainings, I access the subconscious mind of the
learner to feed language.

Your Unconscious Mind is thousand times faster than your Conscious
Mind. Your Unconscious Mind is like a dual core processor for your

Keep the Electric Approach
Why NeoMethod is the best Method and Technique? It’s
best because it’s scientific and based on Applied Linguistics. This
Method is eclectic which means that it takes the best from James Asher,
Stephan Krashen, F.B. Skinner, Lozanov, Charles Curran and many others
who researched much in Language Studies and created remarkable findings
in their famous works such as TRP, The Power of Reading, The Verbal
Behaviour. NeMethod takes the best from the best so NeoMethod is the
best of the best. These are proven techniques which have helped millions
of people across the world in learning LANGUAGE as a SKILL.
You STAND as a FAILURE even after studying so much from the
classrooms so NeoMethod is crucial. Don’t be SHY, give it a TRY and use
this new method to learn English in a new exciting way. You see that
NeoMethod is the only natural and rational way of learning English

  • If you are a student, you can learn English to improve your
    progress in your studies. Research is clear that English affects 90%
    impact on other subjects.
  • If you are a businessman or entrepreneur, you can improve
    your business communication skills, create an effective message to
    respond by using Emails, Letters and Effective Presentations.
  • If you are a teacher, your teaching skills will improve by
    taking our Teacher Training Courses and your English Skills will help
    you communicate better.
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