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Bulletproof yourself with NeoEnglish Course

Build your foundation

A strong foundation in the English Language is important in fields and subjects. A strong foundation is important for students to excel in their studies or pass exams like IELTS, lawyers to advance in their career, doctors to go abroad and graduates to get high-paying jobs.

Learning English is very simple, if you know how? If you don’t know how, you will spend all your life and you cannot learn English. You just need the right way to learn to speak powerful English.

The Preto Principle

Focus is everything in learning. In learning English, your focus can make or break your success. Remember that 80% English requires only 20% of your efforts. This is exactly what you learn in NeoEnglish Course.

Language is a question-answer session, and the main purpose of language is communication. Once you know why you are learning English and what problems you have in speaking and writing, English becomes super easy for you in the shortest time.

What is NeoEnglish Course? 
NeoEnglish builds your foundation in the English Language. NeoEnglish Course helps you:

  • Improve your grammar and NeoSyntax to improveimproves your sentence structure.
  • Build your vocabulary with NeoMorphology Techniques.
  • Understand punctuation and spelling to improve your writing skills.
  • Speak better with confidence and pronunciation so your speaking abilities increase.
  • Adopt a perfect framework for writing and speaking English.

How do I start?

The process is simple. Take this 30-minute free online test to Check Your Level of English. After you successfully complete the test, screenshot the test results and Whatsapp the results to +92 312 990442. 
Then click Register for the training.

Based on your level of English, customized language material is prepared to train you in English as per your needs and weakness and feed forward the results in your life and work. 

Trainer’s Profile
Over the past years, I have coached and trained thousands of students to become confident and proficient language users.
Sir. Naeem is the language coach, trainer, and writer of NeoEnglish, IELTS Training, and NeoLinguistics. He’s an MA in English with PGD-Linguistics. As a decoder of Learning, he’s a Business English Expert specialized in ESP for students, teachers, doctors, managers, and leaders. YOUR GIFT: BUSINESS ENGLISH STRATEGY

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