The Story of NEO


NEO stands for Naeem Educational Organisation. NEO aims to promote education because it’s the only way to bring change in society.

A key component of education is language. Language is the most powerful tool to break the status quo and bring behavioral transformation in the dividual which leads to social change at large.

Language makes us – and words define our present, past and future. Words are the currency of communication and they can be employed for a common good.

I taught in City School, BeaconHouse, Lacas, Minhaj University, UMT, and Minhaj University.

The story of NEO (Naeem Educational Organisation) began when I was serving in the above institutes. I observed that I always taught three types of students:

  • Those who need motivation to learn
  • Those who need knowledge to learn
  • Those who need practice to learn

But the most important thing was that even if students get motivation, knowledge and practice, their learning never benefits them. Why? Because, for me, learning means change. If your psychological, social or financial behaviour doesn’t change, there is no benefit of learning.

So, I developed NEO.

NEO help people learn English and also improve their psychological, social and financial outlook. NEO means Naeem Educational Organisation. NEO is a symbol of change. NEO is a fantastic word. Neo also means “New”. If there’s no Creativity in Learning, your education is a waste.

But if we reorder the words by placing O before N, it becomes ONE. One means that everything that happens in the entire universe happens because of ONE because the creator of the entire universe is ONE.

If you want to learn something, take one step, It could be one step, one effort and one idea.
You want to bring change, change One – Yourself. You are the one.

Now if you take N at the end of the word, it becomes EON – which means time. Real learning means takes time. If you bring E to the start, it becomes ENO meaning “Great”. If you make OEN – it means a gentleman.

And finally, if we place O before E, it becomes NOE which means to “Know and Learn”. The main purpose of this organisation is hidden in the word NEO. The main purpose of Naeem Educational Organisation is to bring change by changing one.

Address: Akbar Chowk, Lahore, Pakistan
Contact +92 312 990 44 22

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