Moral and Main Theme of "My Tailor" by Stephen Leacock

The moral of the essay, My Tailor is that we should try to understand our fellow beings and try to share the worries of our fellow beings specially the common professionals around us. We often go to so many people around us to buy or get prepared something for us but we keep ourselves restricted to the business matters. We take them for mechanical workers and never try to take them as a ‘man’.

These men also keep a screen of professional dealings and manners on them and do not show their real personality to us. That is what Leacock has presented in his essay, My Tailor’. He tells us about his tailor in a funny way. He describes his ways to talk and deal, habits and actions in a mocking way. But towards the end of the essay he tells us that when he learnt that his tailor was dead, he got a shock. Only then he understood him as a common man and came aware of his worries and hardships. When the tailor was alive, the writer had never tried to know about his real life. But after his death he felt sorry for him and regretted his formal dealings with him. He has not mentioned any particular moral lesson or advice in the essay. He has simply described the character sketch of the tailor and has let us draw the moral ourselves. And the best possible moral in this essay is surely that we should not restrict our dealings with others to the business only.

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  1. Thanx for uploading the theme of “My Tailor”. it is a good effort and is written brief that helps students to understand more quickly

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