Leadership English for Corporate People


English Means Business

Good English is essential in organizations that communicate internationally. Improved communication skills make work teams more effective, and allow employees to achieve their goals.

  • Businessmen learn English to negotiate well and grow their business overseas.
  • Salesmen learn English to prospect globally and close more sales.
  • Trainers learn English to train their clients.
  • Students learn English to go abroad and get better education.
  • Spouses learn English to settle down abroad after immigration.

Your business is at risk without English.

Business English is so important that Companies offer their employee training courses so they learn to function correctly at work. From both a cultural and a linguistic point of view,

Customers prefer to do business in their own language. Business
English will expand your business, improve sales by improving your
networking skills and clearly communicate your business message.

Business English is a game-changer for your business. Most organizations use English as a Financial Strategy.

Your business is at risk without English because you have a competition.
Business is globalized now.

There are three options available in Business English to deal with the competitive market.
1. The Leadership English
  • Get the tools that will expand your business.
  • Boost Employee Engagement and Retention.
  • Communicate to a diverse audience globally.

The Leadership English Helps You Grow Your Business and Lead Teams.

2. The Team English
  • Improve professional development of employees for productivity.
  • Empower your overseas managers and best employees.
  • Foster diversity and inclusion.

The Team English Helps Team Collaboration and Drive Productivity.

3. The Sales English
  • Speak your customer’s language and expand business and sales.
  • Improve customer loyalty and retention.
  • Provide better customer service that inspires trust.

The Sales English Helps Generate Leads and Sales.

Language is the tool for change because language changes thinking patterns.

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