Language is the Software of Mind


Learning in this dynamic modern
world has never been an option. It has become a must. If you think
learning is difficult, think again because

“Learning anything is hard but NOT Learning is even harder” – Muhammad Naeem

Do you know why some people Learn anything quicker and faster?
How would you feel if you had good communication skills and convincing
power? Would you like to know the Linguistic Strategy that works behind
all human skills from riding a bike to leading organizations? This is what I am going to share in this article.

Language creates learning
One thing that operates behind all human learning is “Language
because it controls our nervous system and behavior. Language controls
our Unconscious Mind and that part of the mind is the most efficient and
the fastest tool that helps learning anything.

“Your Unconscious Mind is thousand times faster than your Conscious
Mind. Your Unconscious Mind is like a dual-core processor for your

Despite being so powerful, our Unconscious Mind is still inefficient
in most situations where a positive outcome may be desired. It is all
because the Unconscious Mind needs Language to work properly because “Language is the software of the mind”.

Language helps us access our Unconscious Mind. If you try to teach
something to the conscious mind, it resists but if you teach something
to your unconscious mind, it quickly learns it. You know children learn
things quickly because their conscious mind is suspended in most

Children largely operate out of their Unconscious Mind so
they grasp skills quickly even when they are playing or sitting doing
nothing. Since, our Unconscious Mind works best in games, role-plays and
simulations so it learns fast.

Human Skills are Language-Driven

Most of our human skills such as learning, memorizing, confidence, communication, presentation, sales and leadership are all
language-driven. You need a specific set of vocabulary and sentence
structures to develop the skill and achieve the outcome. For example, if
some body says, “I cannot learn driving”, you can create a systematic
language pattern to either motivate the person or find out his problem
as in. “What stops you?” When you put forward this linguistic pattern,
the person will normally go in his mind thinking that he has no reason
as to why he cannot learn to drive and he will become motivated and
responsible. In leadership role, for example, asking, “Why did you do
that?” can create more problems but when you use a Linguistic Pattern
such as, “How did that happen or How can we resolve it”? We will be
moving towards solutions rather than creating more problems.

Simply by learning the language of a specific field, you will improve your skill in that field.

With Language Learning, you can improve your learning,
training, communication, presentation, sales and leadership skills. “It
is all about the Language – the rest is commentary”.

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