IELTS Writing Task 2: Essay ‘Utilisation of Free time for children’

Task 2 Free time

Prima facie, it seems tough to comment on the topic about useful utilization of free time for children. But, to be honest, we may assert that our younger generation must have best and productive use of their leisure time. Although divergence of opinion is found frequently about the nature of productivity yet, unanimity of people has the staunch belief that there must be a balanced approach in this regard. Let’s have a detailed analysis of the topic while adding certain references and examples in this regard.

Analytically speaking, on the very first place, it must be kept in mind that the ultimate goal behind this discussion regarding free time of young ones and its better consumption is to find out proper proportion of studies and other fun activities. A group of intelligentsia believes that children must not be given even little free time rather they must be kept busy with their academic activities like homework. According to them, they must be focused on their studies and future. Any free time given to them may distract them from their ultimate goal. To be true, it can be termed as an extremist point of view by some of the critics of the topic.

But, on the contrary, a prominent majority of experts vehemently asserts that it is simply not advisable to make these kids mere book worms and they must be given enough time to play and have fun. In the same fashion, the same group of experts goes to the extent of saying that more free time and leisure activities will definitely pave the way for kids to be more healthy and active for a long time. Ignoring certain stark realities and established facts in this regard, they categorically give their final verdict that a large proportion of time must be free for children because we must not spoil their golden time in studies only

After this comprehensive discussion on the topic, we may conclude that both the above mentioned groups are extremists in their approach and a practical thinking in this regard will produce more fruitful results. According to our view point, children should spend more of their time in their studies but being free and having fun for some time is also necessary for them to keep them relax and happy.

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