IELTS Writing Task 2: Essay on ‘Public Health’

task 2 public health essay
It will not be an exaggeration if I claim that the topic “public health” captures my mind immediately as it is of equal concern for human beings on the surface of earth. In lieu of multiple opinions, first group categorically opines that public health is a mandatory subject for all and sundry because sound health of public can only ensure the survival and epitome of physical grandeur of human species. And, on the contrary, others assert that public health can be dealt on ordinary grounds because there is no need of draining astronomical resources in this sector due to its respective priority in queue of other national challenges.

Referring to the opinion of those who declare that modern age owes a variety of public health issues yet, responsible nations are on the way of research and execution of the policies framed for the improvement of public health on large scale. I, no doubt, have realistic reasons behind my assertion in the sense that they further establish that public health, today, has become a global concern setting aside regional preferences because global interaction.

Moving on to the opinion of the others in this regard, they are more enthusiastic while commenting that public health should be given fractional consideration because apart from it, there are a lot of issues with more gravity in the lives of the nations like defense, economy, agriculture, politics and education as well. They further elaborate that public health is mutual responsibility of individuals and governments as well, giving an impression that it is more logical and natural.

Now, in the light of both above-mentioned views, it would not suffice to arrive at conclusion more viably. To sum up the topic, it is evident that neither public health can be ignored nor it can be considered wholesome of nation’s life. I would like to assert that a need-based approach will be more workable in ensuring sound public health as it is back bone of a nation’s strength. Quoting a glaring example of Nepal where government has recently opened more than 10000 health care units for public health.

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