IELTS Writing Task 2: Essay on ‘Dance and music as culture’

Task 2 Dance and Music
ANSWERRecalling last two decades reminds me of the drastic changes and heated discussions regarding dance and music as important part of culture on a large scale in different strata of society. Advocates of the topic are of the view that dance and music penetrate into human soul with force, and later on, handles the strings of their thoughts and actions. Whereas, opponents categorically opine that music and dance as part of a culture is a rubbish activity because culture should only represent national vision and goals only. So prima facie, it seems complicated to draw a single conclusion.

Quoting the glaring example of Hindu culture which is enriched with dance and music will bring us at ease to discuss the worthy opinions of the advocates of the topic. They further establish that music and dance both are genres or art which are meant to spark the disillusioned souls. It can also be reckoned that music and dance are mere natural flares and such things should not be kept aloof from cultural spectrum.

Now, on the contrary, others establish that dance and music are mere activities of time past they should not be introduced and promoted likewise due to a variety of reasons. Both make human being impractical, unconscious, irrational and spiritually starved. In the same fashion, they go to the extent of saying that music and dance are only the part of those cultures which are themselves incapacitated for the execution of national vision and goals. Certainly, the example of Muslim culture will support their view point.

To conclude the whole discussion, we may assert that music and dance are important of part of most of the cultures of the world today. It depends upon the socio-political system of a state which either allows dance and music as important norm of a culture or it condemns it on the ground of rationality and pragmatism as well. Bringing in the example of Pakistan where both spectrums exist simultaneously, will definitely strengthen our moderate views in this regard.

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