IELTS Speaking Question Type (1) Interview

ielts speaking Interview
NeoTips for interview in the speaking test
You must speak English fluently without worrying about grammar mistakes. Maintain an eye contact with the examiner and use good vocabulary.

Topic (1) Personal Questions

1. Good Morning, My name is Naeem. Could you please tell me your name?
Good morning, my name is Zehra and I’m here for the IELTS Speaking Test.

2. Can I see your ID, please?
Yes, sure. Here you are, sir.

3. That’s fine. Thank you.
You are welcome.

4. Would you prefer me to use your first name or your family name?
You can call me by either name. I don’t mind.

5. Let’s the start the test. In the first part of the test, I am going to ask you a few personal questions.
Sure. Go ahead.

6. Do you work or are you a student?
Currently, I am a student. I am studying ACCA in a college because I want to be an accountant.

7. Tell me about your job.
Well, I work for a big firm /small company named TechSoft. It is located in Lahore. My job title is Software Designer. It’s a 9 to 5 job and I love it because it’s precisely the kind of work I have always wished to do.

8. Is there anything you dislike about your job?
There’s almost nothing that I don’t like about it; however, I do dislike my job for a short period of time especially when I have go for field work replacing some one who’s not on duty that day and it’s because I dislike outdoor job.

9. What are your plans for the future?
First of all, I’d like to get through the IELTS Test with the required band and then I will go abroad for my studies in business and finally, I will come back and either start my business or do a good job.

10. What type of transport do you use most?
There are two types of transport that I mostly use: Firstly, I drive my car especially when I have my family with me and I have to attend some important event such as weddings or birthday parties and secondly, I ride my mostly to get to my job and reach for my day to day commitments.

11. What kind of food do you like?
I prefer Asian cooking, mostly Chinese. My favorite dish is noodles with vegetables. It is very delicious and it can be quickly prepared.

12. How often do you go shopping?
Well, I don’t like going shopping much because mostly of the time my mother/wife shops for me. She knows my taste and I usually like what she buys. I am not very particular about that.

13. What is your favorite shop and why do you like it?
Well, my favorite shop is Readings because I love books and it has all types of books to offer. Further, it has a very good layout where it’s very easy to choose books that you want to get.

14. What problems are there with shopping in your area?
The area where I live has lots of problems with shopping because it’s a very populous area. The main problem with shopping in my area is the parking. There seems to be no place to park your car; further, there’s a lot of rush which facilitates pickpockets and the last but not the least is the price issue. There’s no price control in the market.

15. What is your major?
As you know that we have mainly broad-based education in our country so we study too many subjects. But after graduation, we do choose a major and I plan to do Master’s in English. It’s because I believe that English is the language of the future especially in the business world. What I mean to say is that when I am able to communicate well in English I will not only be able to go and study abroad and improve my qualifications, but also have mastered a very necessary tool for my future career.

Topic (2) Free Time

1. What do you like to do in your free time?
Well, in my free time, I love playing football because I am crazy about it. We have a local team of seven boys and we get together evening in the park and play football together. Football keeps me energized and healthy.
Well, I don’t have much free time because I am a very busy person because I have to attend to my business and the little free time I have, I spend it with my family watching TV.

2. What kind of television programs do you watch?
Well, I mostly like talk shows and watch the news. I find them very entertaining and informative because they keep me up-to-date with contemporary affairs and help me form my opinion on different political and social issues. For example, they help me decide which party to vote and which not.

3. Do you like reading?
Yes I do. I enjoy reading very much because it entertains me especially if something that I am reading is interesting and further it introduces to me new facts and information about the world and different people.

4. What kind of books do you like reading?
I enjoy reading news papers, magazines and of course my favorite novels. I always finish one or two novels a week because I got used to reading them novels since my childhood.
Although I think books are great ways to learn, and I know some people love to read, I’ve never been a great fan of them. I used to read books a bit when I was younger but not much anymore. I read a lot on the internet actually, articles on various topics. So I do read, but it’s just not usually books.

5. How has the way people spend their free time changed over the years?
The way people spend their free time has changed over the years significantly because there’s a sudden rise in technology. For example, people used to spend their free time playing tip-cat or flying kites but now they spend their free time surfing the Internet or playing video games.

Topic (3) Your Hometown, Friends and Family

1. Where do you come from?
I come from Lahore. It is a big historical city located on the river, Ravi and it is the capital of the Punjab.

2. What is your home like?
I rent an apartment. We have two bedrooms, one living room, one kitchen and of course one restroom. The apartment is not very big, about 70 square meters but it’s very comfortable and beautiful.

3. Where do you live?
Well, I live in a small village surrounded by hills and beautiful lakes. It’s three kilometers away from the capital city and it’s very beautiful. I have been living for twenty years; in fact, I was born and raised there.

4. Can you tell me something about your hometown?
My hometown is Karachi. It’s the largest city in Pakistan. It’s also known as the economic hub of the country as most of the country’s trade is carried out through the harbors. It’s also known as the City of Lights because the lights fill the whole city as night. It’s Mini Pakistan as people from all over the country live here and you will find a man of almost any nationality in this city.

5. Can you tell me some history of your home town?
Karachi is a very old city and it was a very important city when Muhammad Bin Qasim came into the Sindh and also when the Moghals ruled the Subcontinent. It’s rich in history and culture.

6. What the advantages and disadvantages your home has?
The advantage is that my accommodation has lots of sunlight from the windows that helps me keep warm in winter. And the disadvantage is that it is noisy because the centre of the city is near by and there’s a lot of traffic.

7. What jobs do people in your town do?
There many different kinds of people so they do different kinds of jobs. Some people are tailors, some are shopkeepers and drivers but most of the people in my town are students.

8. What do you like about your town?
The best thing I like about my hometown is its planning. There are wide roads and spacious parks and there’s a special market area. There are also hospitals and cinemas. So what I like about my hometown is its planning and all the facilities that it has to offer.

9. How has your town changed over the last twenty years?
My hometown has significantly changed over the last twenty years because of industrialization. There used to be a big park near my hometown but it has been allotted to a factory now. Because of new factories being built, my hometown is getting polluted day by day.

10. What kind of transport do people usually use in your hometown?
They use different types of transport. For example, people usually drive their vehicles such as cars and bikes but there is also a large part of population in my hometown, which travels by public buses.

11. Tell me about your family.
Well, I have a small family. There are four members in my family. I have a mother, a father and a brother. My mother is a social worker, my father is a civil engineer and my brother is a student.

12. What do your brothers like doing in their free time?
Well, my brothers are really easy-going. They spend most of their free time hanging out with their friends, they watch TV and listen to music; that’s it.

13. Do you live with your family?
I do live with my family because we are in a joint-family system. You know by living with your family, you can share many things with other members. For example, you can share your happiness and achievements and also your problems.

14. How many people are there in your family?
There are four. There’s myself of course. Then there’s my younger brother, he’s fifteen years old. And I have my mother and father who are both in their late 70s. I have two grand parents as well, but they don’t live with us.

15. Do you know the people who live next door to you?
No, I’ve never met them. The reason for this is that I’m away most of the time at university so I’ve never really had the opportunity. I know my family has met them on a few occasions, just for a quick chat, but they don’t know them well. I think they like to keep their privacy.

16. Do you have many friends? (How about close friends?)
Yes, I have many friends. In fact, I have twenty five friends and some of these friends are very close to me. You see, friends are very important in life especially close ones because they are the ones who help you out when you need some help or advice.

17. What do you usually do with your friends?
Well, we do many different things together. For example, we play many games such as cricket and football and we also enjoy parties together but most of the time, we study together because all my friends are in the same class and college.

Topic (4) Sports

1. What sports do you like?
I don’t like many sports. I just like football and Snooker. I love football because it exercises my body and I adore Snooker because it exercises my brain. Both the sports keep me fit physically and mentally.

2. How much time do you spend playing different sports?
Well, I spend about two hours weekly for football and approximately one hour weekly for Snooker because I am very busy and I don’t have much free time.

3. How are sports helpful for health?
Sports are extremely helpful to health. When you play a sport, it stimulates your blood and you get exercised. In this way, sports are helpful for health.

Topic (5) Traveling and Transportation

1. How did you come here today?
Well, I came here on my motor bike. I usually ride on my bike to travel in the city because it’s very convenient and cost-effective.

2. What is public transport like in your town?
Well, you know, public transport in my town is not very standardized. It’s both expensive and uncomfortable. For example, fares are touching the sky and getting beyond the reach of a common man. On top of that, the condition of public transport and roads is pathetic.

3. Do you like traveling?
I do like traveling because traveling is very important. For example, it helps you meet new people, you can visit new places which enhances your knowledge of the world and different cultures. Thus, I love traveling.

4. Do you like to travel alone or with your friends?
I usually like to travel with my friends because when you are traveling with your friends, you don’t get bored; you are enjoying the company and the sights at the same time. Furthermore, while you are traveling, you might have to face a mishap. For example, you might have some unpleasant incidents such as pick pocketing or a minor accident, in that case, friends are a great help, you know so it’s always better to travel with friends than traveling alone.

5. What changes in transportation have taken place in the past several years in your Country?
In the past several years, many different changes have taken place in transportation because technology has rapidly changed too. For example, people used to travel in slow cars and trains but now we bullet trains and highly speedy metro busses. Further, these trains and busses are more comfortable than the previous ones.

Topic (6) Daily Routine

1. What do you like to do everyday?
Well, I like to study and watch TV all day because I love my studies and TV at the same time. In fact, I cannot study with TV being played.

2. How do you spend your day?
I get up early in the morning, say prayer and get my breakfast. After that I get to my office and do my job and then I come back. After having my lunch, I study for some time and watch TV. And then I go for a walk and finally I go to bed at 11 p.m. That’s how I typically spend my day.

3. How do you manage time between your family and studies/work/job?
Well, I have distributed my day’s time between my studies and family. I spend most of time studying but I spend my evenings, Saturday and Sundays with family.

Topic (7) Accommodation and Job

1. Which do you prefer: rural or urban life?
I most probably prefer urban to rural life because I enjoy all the facilities in the urban life while there are no such facilities as medical, educational or recreational and entertainment. Further, an urban life provides opportunities for business and personal growth while the rural life is backward in this sense. Still, both the sides have their charms, if urban life is financially promising, rural life is spiritually sound.

2. Would you rather own a house or rent?
I’d rather own my house rather than rent one because owning is house gives you a sense of belonging; you are then able to turn the house into a home with a family. But if you rent a house, it becomes difficult for you to feel at home. So, I’d always go for my own house.

3. Would you rather have a job that was indoors, or would you prefer to work outdoors?
I’d rather have a job that’s outdoors because I am an outdoor man, I love to meet new people and meet new challenges. An outdoor job provides me an opportunity to socialize and learn more than I can do indoors.

4. Do you prefer to work as part of a team, or on your own?
I prefer to work as part of the team. Team working is far better than working on ones own because it teaches you how to communicate with people and solve problems in a collaborative environment. The second reason I’d go for teams is teams help you understand the nature work more effectively.

5. If you could take a holiday anywhere in the world, where would you go? Why?
I would like to go to Scotland because it’s one of the most beautiful countries of Europe. Scotland is rich in culture and history. It has beautiful buildings and castles such as Edinburgh Castle. Scotland has exotic farms and village life. So, I’d like to take the holiday in Scotland.

Topic (8) Holidays

1. Would you like to work in a friendly environment or a strict environment?
Certainly, I’d like to work in a friendly environment because in such an environment, people work to their fullest potential. For example, if some body has a problem, he can easily discuss it with their seniors and find a solution whereas in a strict environment, you become a little hesitant and start avoiding your shortcomings because you know that they will not be accepted. While at the same time, in a friendly environment, people take your mistakes as feedback and train you avoid those mistakes so I’d most preferably go for a friendly environment.

2. How much do you think our working environment affects our mood?
Well, that’s a very good question. Our working environment significantly affects our mood because we are constantly affected by the type of environment we live in. For example, if we are working in a heated environment, we tend to become fretty but on the other hand if we work in a pleasant and cool environment, our mood will quickly orient to the same. So the environment we work in has a tremendous impact on our mood.

3. What do you do when you have a holiday?
I typically stay home and watch TV all day because I want to catch up with the latest movies but sometimes, I go and meet my relatives and friends. However, I spend my holidays at home watching TV.

4. Why are holidays important to you?
Holidays are important to me because they provide relaxation for me. If I don’t take holidays, I won’t be able to perform to my fullest potential. Rest is a universal fact; you do need to rest before you go next and if you keep going working without rest, you will get fatigued and will not perform better. Holidays provide a juice for me to get energized for the next assignment.

Topic (9) General Questions

1. What are the people like in your hometown? OR Can you tell me something about the character of the people in your hometown?
Well, they aren’t any different from the inhabitants in any other large city. For example, here we also have many wholesome families as well as some share of negative elements in the society. In addition, I believe that my hometown has not been to the same extent as a westernized city as New York or London. For instance, the people have not become materialistic in Lahore to the same extent as the inhabitants of any other metropolitan. In other words, in Lahore, you would still find many good fashioned (traditional) people who have strong principles and values about many aspects of life.

2. What are the main places of interest in your hometown? Why? OR What places should foreigners visit in your hometown? Why?
Sure. Firstly, I ‘d like to mention the River Ravi, which you will find at the mouth of city. There are also the famous Royal Mosque and Lahore Fort along with the scientific parks and botanical gardens. In summer the zoo is a popular place to visit and see tigers, bears, wolves, even pandas and other animals in their natural environment. We also go to Northern Areas of Pakistan in summer and in winter we often go skiing there. Lahore Museum is another place I ‘d like to recommend. It consists of a large building with many ancient statues and portraits and record of important historical events. In addition, the city’s symbol of education as there are thousands of educational institutions. There are many other sites in the city that are worthwhile visiting, such as lush green valleys and sky-high mountains including the gigantic K2 Mountain.

3. What do you usually do on weekdays and on weekends?
On weekends I like to go out with my friends. We go and visit new shopping malls in the city. Then we would browse around all shops in the malls. Sometimes we sit in a restaurant and have something to drink while we watch the crowds of people go by and the rest of the time; I spend watching TV or playing video games.

4. Do you have a hobby?
Yes, I’m interested in stamp collecting because stamps provide rich knowledge. For example, the stamps from other countries often tell something about the countries and their people. I have been collecting stamps for two years. I regularly spend time on my collection, about two hours every week. This is mainly over weekends, as I do not have time during the week.

5. What are good hobbies, and what are bad hobbies?
In my opinion, good hobbies are those that give you the opportunity to develop a new skill. For example, collecting stamps teaches you how to be systematic. Bad hobbies, on the other hand, may make you lose the opportunity. For example, TV and computer games will waste a lot of your time, so you don’t have time and energy to do develop other skills.

6. How do you usually keep in touch with members of your family?
I mostly keep in touch with my family by phone, and I’ve started using the Internet to make video calls. I also try to visit members of my family in person as often as I can.

7. Do you prefer to speak to people by phone or by writing emails?
It depends on the situation. I use email and text messages to communicate with friends, but my parents prefer it if I phone them.

8. Which is better: living in the countryside or in the city?
I’d rather live in the city. City life offers modern living. There are many opportunities in terms of work, entertainment, leisure and dining. However, the countryside gives a very common and limited life style which is I guess preferred by people in their old age.

9. Do you think children’s lives are very different nowadays?
Yes, of course! With modern life style, children are similarly affected as with adults. Before, children were confined in their house. They were just limited to some activities such as playing indoor games of simple nature. However nowadays, they are faced with enormous challenges such as meeting deadlines for a school project, waking up early to beat the traffic and do homework using computers. These things are a few examples of the notable changes in the lives of the children.

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