IELTS Speaking Model Answer 8

ielts speaking 8
INTERVIEW · Do you enjoy dancing?
Truthfully speaking, dance is my passion. I for the most time love to spend my leisure time with practice of dance. I feel myself at comfort while shaking my body for various dance moves and steps as well.

· Has anyone taught you to dance?
Literally speaking, being a damn fan of dancing, I learned dancing from my teacher Mr. Malhaar. He was a great choreographer with excellent personality. He taught me ABC of dancing and even led me to the heights of skills in dancing.

· Tell me about traditional dance in your country?
As a matter of fact, there lies diversity of traditional music in my county. Due to diversified range of areas with different traditions, music also changes accordingly. I like Punjabi music up to great extent because it is enriched with thrilling and hot beats. It is now popular all over the world due to its remix form.

· Do you think that traditional dancing will be popular in future?
Factually speaking, there will be diversity of approach regarding fame of traditional music in future. It depends upon the life of a tradition that traditional music will either survive or will lose its integrity in future.


Describe your favorite family member?

Frankly speaking, I have extended family which is pretty live in its living pattern. The most remarkable personality of my family is my grandpa. He is indeed a man of versatile nature. He has acquired immense experience from the diversity of life. He is role model for me. He is gregarious personality with multitude talent. He is source of motivation and inspiration for me. I have great association with my grandpa. He as inculcated spirit of courage and pragmatism in my personality. He always shows me right path. Truly speaking, I have friendly terms too with my grandpa. He is also an iconoclast in my family. He certainly, helps other people in the hour of distress. He is torch-bearer personality for my whole family. Everyone has great inclination towards him for squeezing best pieces of advice. Such a unique personality is rare for me in my life.


· In what ways family members can be similar to each other?
Literally speaking, the impact of socialization is great on human development. In family growth, transmission of certain features to other family members is a must. There are vital chances of dissimilarities among family members due to uniqueness of personality.

· Do you think daughters are usually similar to their mothers?
Most likely, it happens that daughters take after their mothers. Whereas exception lies everywhere which is sound evidence of variation in the similarity between a daughter and a mother. However, however, majority of daughters is in close resemblance to their mothers.

· What about sons and fathers?
In my point of view, same is the proportion of resemblance between a father and a son. Most of the time, physical features can be same whereas abstract personality notes are seldom to be paired between a son and a father. Most probably, the ratio of those sons who differ from their fathers varies regionally.

· In the process of personality development people are influenced either by their family members of friends?
Lexically speaking, personality development is complex phenomenon. It is always supported by the members of species and their association among one another. The fusion of personality features, for most of the time, depends upon the fact that how much time one spends with either family members or friends.

· Where can people in your country get generic research?
As per my acute information, federal government of my country has, recently, established an institute for generic research. Quite obvious is the need of the day because nowadays, human progress can be geared up only if generic research is on its way of climax.

· What are feelings of people about generic research?
Indeed, world has become a global village where process of imitation is spreading like wildfire. In western countries, process of genetic research is at its climax and its results are pretty profound as well. People are happy because they are realizing big changes in the transfusion of their physical features.

Should generic research be funded by government sectors?
Fundamentally, it is responsibility of government to fund such projects but private entities because these projects should be continued. Its interests are favoring human being immensely hence it does not matter whether government or private sector promotes it.

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