IELTS Reading Question Type (2) Short Questions

IELTS Reading Short Questions

NeoTips for Short questions and answers
Read the questions. Underline the keyword. Look for the information that you need to answer the question. Look for Who, When and Where?

Read Text. Find a word or short phrase in the text to answer each question.

1. What does Oxfam aim to combat today?

2. What problem did Greek people face in 1942?

3. What did Oxfam try to do?

4. When did Oxfam reform as Oxfam International?

5. What did they hope to improve by doing that?

Now active globally in the fight against
poverty, Oxfam International started life as the Oxford Committee for Famine
Relief back in 1942. At that time, the people of Greece were suffering
serious economic hardship and Oxfam campaigned to get food shipments sent The
organisation grew and its shops, selling second-hand goods to raise funds for
programmes in developing countries, became a familiar sight on the streets of
the UK. Reorganised in 1995 to enable better international co-operation,
Oxfam International is involved in a wide range of issues, such as trade,
education and emergency work, with the aim of creating a fairer world and
ensuring people enjoy basic human rights.

Read Text  again and answer the following two questions. Use the previous work you have done to help you.

6. When was Oxfam first formed?

7. What programs is the organization involved now?

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