IELTS Listening Question Type (1) Multiple Choice in Section 1

IELTS Listening MCQs

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NeoTips for Multiple Choice
Find Keyword first and underline it. Only read the keyword. Remember that information might be spoken differently in the recording. Listen for ideas; not words.

Questions 1-6

Choose the correct letter, A, B or C.

1 Becoming a Friend of Laverton Arts Centre

A costs £15.
B costs £50.
C doesn’t cost anything.

2 How many newsletters do Friends receive each year?

A four
B one
C three

3 Friends of the Arts Centre can buy

A more tickets than other visitors
B tickets before other visitors.
C books earlier than other visitors

4 There might be reductions on tickets for events

A in the Small Theatre.
B in the Main Theatre.
C at the Arts Cinema.

5 The Arts Centre is changing

A the password for its website.
B its website address.
C the design of its website.

6 Friends of Laverton Arts Centre are

A required to attend a certain number of events.
B not forced to attend a certain number of events.
C encouraged to count how many events they attend.

Questions 7-10
Complete the sentences below.


7 The woman has visited the Arts Centre times __________________ in total.
8 The first event at the Arts Centre the woman went to was _________________
9 The woman was unaware that there was ____________ at the Arts Centre.
10 The woman likes the idea of __________.


Receptionist: Laverton Arts Centre. How can I help you?
Caller: Hello. I’ve been to the Arts Centre a few times recently, and I understand you have this scheme for regular visitors.
Receptionist: The ‘Friends of Laverton Arts Centre’. Yes, that’s right.
Caller. I wonder if you could tell me a little about it. I mean, how
much it costs and what benefits it offers. Things like that.
Receptionist: Certainly. Well, first of all the good news is that we’ve
recently changed the scheme. It used to cost 15 pounds a year but now it’s free. All you have to do is fill in an application form. You can
either come to the Arts Centre and do that here, or you can go to
our website and apply online.
Caller. And so what are the benefits of joining?
Receptionist: There are actually quite a few. As a Friend of
Laverton Arts Centre, you’ll receive a newsletter every three
with information on all the forthcoming events.
Caller: That sounds useful.
Receptionist: You also get priority booking for shows and concerts
in the Main Theatre.
Caller: Can you explain how that works exactly?
Receptionist: Yes, what that means is that, when tickets go on sale for the first two days, they’re only available Friends of the Arts Centre. So as long as you book early, you can make sure you
get seats.
Caller: Great! Do you ever offer discounts to Friends of the Centre?
Receptionist: Under the old system, when you had to pay to be
a member, we did. Under the new system, there won’t be any
discounts for shows in the Main Theatre or films at the Arts Cinema.
Having said that, we will offering some discounts to members for performances in the Small Theatre. There’ll be information
about this in each issue of the newsletter.
Caller: I suppose I can find that information online as well, can l?
Receptionist: Absolutely. Actually, we’re redoing our website at
the moment. Right now there actually isn’t a special section for
Friends of the Arts Centre on the website. Once the site’s been
Redesigned, there will be. You’ll be able to put in your user name
and password and enter a special section just for you.
Caller: It sounds excellent! Are there any requirements, though?
I mean, as a member, do I have to do anything?
Receptionist: Yes, sorry. I forgot to mention that. There are no
formal requirements at all, though obviously we have this scheme
to encourage people to attend events here regularly. So, we ask
that you attend at least four events a year, whatever they are, if you
possibly can. Nobody’s going to count, though. And it’s totally up to you.
Caller: That sounds fair enough.
Receptionist: While you’re here, we’re actually conducting a short
survey of people who phone up the Arts Centre. Would you mind if
I asked you a few questions? It’ll only take a couple of minutes.
Caller: Sure. No problem.
Receptionist: Thanks a lot. So, how many times have you visited
Laverton Arts Centre in the last six months?
Caller: Well, I’ve only lived in the area for the last four months, so
It’s not that many times. Er… three. I suppose. Yes. That’s right.
Receptionist: Fine. And how did you first find out about the Arts
Caller: Let me think. Oh yes, a friend invited me to a concert and I
came with her.
Receptionist: Have you ever seen a film at the Arts Cinema here?
Caller: NO, I haven’t, to be honest. In fact, until you mentioned it
earlier, I didn’t realize you even had a cinema.
Receptionist: One more question. If we offered a free tour of the
Arts Centre, including things such as going backstage to look at
the dressing rooms, would you be interested in going on it?
Caller: Oh yes, definitely. I think a tour like that would be very
interesting! I’d even pay for it!
Receptionist: That’s great. Thank you very much for your time.
Caller: Thank you!

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