IELTS 8+ Bands Phrases for Speaking and Writing

ielts speaking phrases

Phrases to show two sides of argument

1. Some people prefer pop music and those who disagree point out that pop music is merely noise
and meaningless.

2. No body can deny the importance of education; however, education cannot be dispensed at the cost of health services.

3. Many people hold the opinion that smoking should be banned at public places. Others, however disagree and they contend that smoking is not as bad as environmental pollution which must be addressed before an attack is launched on smokers.

4. Although, it is hard to go without English language in International Market, some people still prefer speaking their mother tongue.

5. In spite of many advantages that the Internet has, there are certain evil implications attached that it is better to go without it.

6. Even if you provide all academic facilities to your kids at home, you can never provide a real academic school environment to your child.

7. On the one hand, the government is trying to improve the country’s economy while, on the other hand, it is breaking down the same by making unnecessary expenditures in the Parliament.

Phrases to add

1. Keeping prisoners is not only expensive but also clumsy task.

2. You can ban a certain numbers of business to control pollution in towns; furthermore, you should keep a check on industrials units at the same time.

Phrases for examples

1. The country side is always refreshing. For example, you can always find an easy place in a garden where you can enjoy yourself. You will find at least one canal, In particular, where you can swim and sit for gossips.

2. To illustrate the point, I would say that computers have many advantages such as speedy information transfer and entertainment. For instance, you can send an email in seconds and randomly select a song of your choice quickly.

Phrases for results

1. Law makers usually fail in the implementation of law. As a result, crime is always on the rise. If laws are implemented and criminals are punished severely, you can observe a peaceful society. So, the government should focus more on implementation rather than making of new laws.

2. That media should be free is a good argument but if you let loose the media, eventually, it will start brandishing every body in the name of freedom of speech. Thus, certain limitations must be defined and freedom must be controlled.

3. One reason for the growth of population is unawareness among the couples. Most couples don’t even realize how important it is to control population. This has resulted in population explosion. The situation may lead to total economic bankrupt of the country if it continues.

Personal Opinions

1. My personal view is that women should be given as many seats in the parliament as men because they are no less than men in this world of science and technology where intelligence works better than physical strength.

2. I am of the opinion that children must be kept out of the reach of TV programs because these programs sometimes show images which can psychologically harmful to their grooming.

3. In my experience, there’s no one good method of learning English. I would argue that there are many methods

Impersonal Opinions

1. It is often said that mobiles are useful devices but if you look at the other side of the picture, you will find that despite all their advantages, they are wasting the precious time of students.

2. A popular belief is that smoking is a good companion but if you observe closely, you will notice that it is more an enemy than a friend.

3. One argument put forward about co-education is that it saves resources, but it can be argued that moral values are more important than resources.

4. It is generally accepted that science has provided many comforts of life, but if you look at the darker picture, you will see that the same will wipe out the whole picture.

Explaining your Opinions

1. Life is very precious. In other words, you cannot waste it like that.

2. I am not very keen on plays. To be more precise, I don’t like the idea of going to theaters because theaters in my country are absurd.

3. My country is rich in beautiful sightseeing. A good example of this is Hunza Valley in the north. If you take an example of its culture, you will see how typical it is.


1. Of course, most people in my country like to watch TV at the dinner time because they are free at that time and ready for bed.

2.  Naturally, young people tend to be more romantic than the old people.

3.  Evidently, Spoken English is more difficult than written because the former needs confidence.


1. Generally speaking, men are more intelligent than women because most of the inventions in the world have been invented by men and not women.

2. By the large, the people of Pakistan breathing under the line of poverty.


1. Finally, I’d like to say that every man and woman must have the right to vote in a free society.

2. To conclude with, science has made a significant contribution to human development. 

3. In conclusion, ground pollution is the direct result of lack of unawareness among the citizens.

4. This is a complex issue with no clear answers; however, one thing is clarified that education is a must for every body.

5. If we look at both sides of the argument, it is clear that the next war will be fought not for lands but for water.

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