Grammar: The Pronouns


What is a Pronoun?

A: Pronouns replace nouns and are used instead of nouns to break the monotony in the narrative.

In the paragraph below, Pronouns have been highlighted.

Robert Jordon was a soldier. He went to Spain to sacrifice his life for the people of Spain which was burning just before WWII. He was always doing his best to beat the Fascists in Spain; but he was able to do only a bit for its security. Most of the Spanish people were causal about their political matters. The others were divided into Republicans and Fascists due to their various perspectives. They didn’t initiate for their country by themselves until some foreigner like Jordon came and helped them.

From the Novel ‘For Whom the Bell Tolls’ by Earnest Hemingway

Cases of Pronoun

There are various cases of Pronouns: Subjective, Objective, Possessive, Reflective and Relative. Pronouns with their types have been highlighted below.

1. I want to be a doctor myself. [Reflexive Pronoun]
2. The country must provide for its citizens. [Possessive Pronoun]
3. Ours is a humble concern, and it is hardly making both ends meet. [Possession Pronoun]
4. Some think that life is a blessing, others believe it to be a chance, and some others considered it nothing at all. [Impersonal Pronoun]
5. Peter taught me how to swim, and I taught him how to speak English. We both helped each other to learn these skills. [Reciprocal Pronoun]
6. The man who stole your wallet is in prison which was built by your grandfather. [Relative Pronoun]
7. Its main fault is that it doesn’t get tripped by itself. I myself have to turn it off. [Reflexive Pronoun]

In the above example, B is the correct option because Avail is a Reflexive Verb and Reflexive Verbs take Reflexive Pronouns. ‘Avail from this opportunity‘ is wrong.


1. Read and correct the passage.

The reporter told Rebecca and I that she wanted to do a story about our neighbors. Although everyone in the neighborhood have great admiration for my neighbors, none of us get the chance to show our appreciation very often. Between you and me, they deserve to have a special article written about them.

Each of them has his or her story to tell. Both was involved in community service work for years. The town gave they a special award last summer. If they receive a similar award this year, I hope that Rebecca and me will be able to attend the ceremony.

2. Correct the following sentences

1. is raining.
2. My essay is better than your.
3. The house is big but it’s design is not spacious.
4. They who frequently tell lies are not reliable.
5. The atmosphere of Islamabad is better than Lahore.
6. One must admit his mistakes.
7. He is my best friend but I do not meet her.
8. My Pakistan is really great. I love him a lot.
9. Let’s go there is not snowing now.
10. This is yours mistake, not my.
11. Each of the teachers were responsible for this.
12. Neither of my four brothers has agreed to this.
13. Which of these books are your’s?
14. This is the lion who killed a baby yesterday.
15. Your’s faithfully
16. The student has run away who stole the book.
17. I will not spare the man whom misguided me?
18. You, I and Ali are best friends.
19. One of the problems with you are that you are very sensitive.
20. The both workers injured the legs and were hospitalised.
21. The members of a society must cooperate with each other.
22. Every boy and girl were guilty of this crime.
23. This is the best gift which I can give you.
24. We must not discuss such issues at the moments which are harmful to the security of our country.
25. There is the man at the door which came to see you last night.
26. We enjoyed much at the river.
27. Who do you want to see?
28. He is same boy which beat him.
29. A: Who is he? B: He is my friend.
30. The both friends worked hard and succeeded.
31. Such mistakes which you frequently make will put you to trouble some day.
32. Every citizen and official are responsible for law and order in the country.
33. The boy is a very intelligent student who stood first in the exam.
34. One of the problems with him are that he is not one of those who tells lies.
35. All others are better than me.
36. I lost all, which I had.
37. The two friends know each other quite well.

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