Grammar: The Adjective

English Adjectives

What is an Adjective?

The adjective is a describing word.

It describes things, people and places. It qualifies or modifies a noun. An Adjective has a Positive, Comparative and Superlative degrees.

In the paragraph below, some adjectives have been highlighted.

… And he hastened straight down, running over the wet, soddened fields, pushing through the hedges, down into the depression of callous, wintry obscurity. It took him several minutes to come to the pond. He stood on the bank, breathing heavily. He could see nothing. His eyes seemed to penetrate the dead water. Yes, perhaps that was the dark shadow of her black clothing beneath the surface of the water. Yes, that was the sight, the vision better than the one he had cherished before; the most valuable countenance he wanted to capture forever.

He slowly ventured into the pond. The bottom was deep, soft clay, then he sank in, and the water clasped . . . his legs. As he stirred he could smell the cold, rotten clay that fouled up into the water. It was objectionable in his lungs. Still, repelled and yet not heeding, he moved deeper into the pond. The cold water rose over his thighs, over his loins, upon his abdomen. The lower part of his body was all sunk in the hideous cold element. And the bottom was so deeply soft and uncertain, he was afraid of pitching with his mouth underneath. He could not swim and was afraid.

But his love reassured him in his bosom to be steadier and optimistic. He had closed himself to the dearest moment ever enjoyed by anyone.

D. H. Lawrence’s story adaptedThe Horse Dealer’s Daughter.”

Degrees of Adjectives

Adjectives can have three degrees:

Positive      Comparative        Superlative
Tall              Taller                      The tallest
Short           Shorter                  The shortest
Long            Longer                  The longest
Old              Older                     The oldest
Handsome   More handsome   The most handsome

In the above example, option A ‘He is a hard worker’ is correct but ‘He is a hardworking’ is incorrect because we don’t use A before adjectives without nouns.


Correct the following sentences.

1. She is clever than me.
2. I am more wise than her.
3. This is the most unique gift that I can give you.
4. He is a hard worker.
5. Ali is the most intelligent than the whole class.
6. I had to choose the best of the two books.
7. The Indus is largest river of Pakistan.
8. Man is best in all creations.
9. The rich family invited poors to the party.
10. Harder you work, more you progress.
11. The Kashmir is a worth-seeing place.
12. I am much happy to see you.
13. Honor and modesty, the later is more valued.
14. The wise student went off for farther studies.
15. The father was very hurt by the words .
16. I have some money; but I don’t have some time.
17. Each one of them should do their duty.
18. The teacher gave the student less assignments.
19. I can’t take tea without little sugar.
20. Please give me few money to spend.
21. This is the same man like you told me about.
22. His boss is senior than me.
23. Due to his problems, he couldn’t come.
24. The number of students are thirty.
25. I have enough money but I am not enough old.
26. You are so careful as I am.
27. I am very excited to go there.

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