Grammar: Prepositions

A: Prepositions show direction, position or relation of one thing with the other. Prepositions also link. Look at some of the preposition examples in use.You can sit before the desk (or in front of the desk). The professor can sit on the desk (when he’s being informal) or behind the desk, and then his feet are under the desk or beneath the desk. He can stand beside the desk (meaning next to the desk), before the desk, between the desk and you, or even on the desk (if he’s really strange). If he’s clumsy, he can bump into the desk or try to walk through the desk (and stuff would fall off the desk). Passing his hands over the desk or resting his elbows upon the desk, he often looks across the desk and speaks of the desk or concerning the desk as if there were nothing else like the desk. Because he thinks of nothing except the desk, sometimes you wonder about the desk, what’s in the desk, what he paid for the desk, and if he could live without the desk. You can walk toward the desk, to the desk, around the desk, by the desk, and even past the desk while he sits at the desk or leans against the desk.

In the above example, option A is correct because the word ‘reach’  does not take ‘at’ preposition.
Thus , option B is incorrect, ‘They have reached at home‘.


1. Fill in the proper prepositions.

1. The bus is going to arrive _________ Ankara _____________ ten minutes.
2. The bird flew away ______ the open window.
3. We went __________ a picnic last Saturday. The picnic area was _____ a river. We walked _____ the river and we went _____ the hills to take photos. Some children jumped _____ the water and some of them swam ________ the river __ the other side. It was a lovely day!
4. Look! A helicopter is flying _____ the village.
5. The policeman wanted the boy to take the gun _____ his pocket and put it ___ the floor.
6. I reached __station and entered ___the hall.

2. Supply proper prepositions.

1. On the long bus ride home, Sydney sat ____ a cranky baby.
2. Did you put a jacket ____ your little brother?
3. Before leaving the house, he turned ___ light.
4. No one showed up for work today ____ me.
5. Everyone ____ our team won at least two ribbons for the relay races.
6. Everyone should be ____ the train by 2:00.
7. If you look ____ the shelves, you will see the picture that my dad painted.
8. It was very dark ____ the cave.
9. That story was written ____ my mother.
10. After falling ____ the pride, the lone lioness was pounced on by a pack of hungry hyenas.
11. She suffers _______ diabetes.
12. She complained ___ the food to the manager.
13. I often listen ______ the radio while driving.
14. He got married _____ a girl he met in China.
15. She has applied ______ a new job.
16. He spends a lot of time ______ his work.
17. Who are you shouting ________ ?
18. Who does this book belong ______ ?
19. She apologised ____ being late.
20. Her teachers were satisfied ___ her progress.
21. I’m thinking _______ going to France.

3. Correct the following sentences.

1. A: Where is your father? B: He is on work.
2. I went to see my relative on Eid.
3. There is something creeping at the wall.
4. I went to home late last night.
5. She prayed God when she was at trouble.
6. Please attend me.
7. The teacher invited all the students on dinner.
8. I am shouting. Why don’t you listen me?
9. We prefer death on dishonor.
10. Soldiers love with their country so much.
11. You resemble with your father so much.
12. We all regard you our friend.
13. I always considered him as my brother.
14. They were looking forward to see the only son.
15. The police officer killed the criminal by a gun.
16. In spite my warning; he crossed the road.
17. I have no house to live.
18. The sweets were divided between the class.
19. He was hit by a stick.
20. Beside English, I know French and German.
21. He was named as Ali.
22. We do nothing here except to listen to music.
23. The man did nothing but to kill the little boy.

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