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If you want to write better and speak better, grammar is very important. It important for effective and powerful communication at Work, Relation and Exam. You need grammar because grammar is the only way to communicate effective and powerful English.

Do you always have confusion why “Police are coming.” is correct and “Police is coming.” is wrong? You are confused whether “The man, who came….” or “The man who came…” is correct. If your writing and speaking are full of mistakes, grammar is a must for you.

Without grammar,

  • Your business message will be misunderstood.
  • You will have trouble passing PMS/CSS/BA/MA English Exams.
  • You cannot write or speak better.

Grammar develops your critical thinking skills, helps you make better decisions, gives you the ability to self-correct your spoken and written mistakes.

Grammatical mistakes in your CV and Job Interview will kill your job. Grammatical mistakes on the job communication will undermine the personality of the employee and create a bad impression. Grammar is unquestionably crucial in Business Communication where mistakes cost money.

Old School and NeoGrammar

  • Don’t study grammar of the old school. Old school has rigid and wrong approach to grammar. NeoGrammar has the scientific, functional and modern approach to grammar.
  • Old school tells you there are 8 parts of speech. NeoGrammar tells you that there are 10 parts of speech.
  • Old school tells you there are 12 English Tenses. NeoGrammar tells you there are only 2 Tenses in English, the rest are not tenses, they are aspects of English Grammar.
  • Old schools teaches prescriptive grammar (filled with boring complicated rules) while NeoGrammar teaches modern descriptive grammar (filled with functions and roles rather than rules)
  • Old school teaches phrases and clauses and their kinds, NeoGrammar covers all words, phrases and clauses in five easy systems that any body can learn.

Old school teaches grammar for the sake of grammar, NeoGrammar teaches you grammar for communication.

NeoGrammar takes the modern flexible and easy yet powerfully correct approach to advanced grammar and vocabulary. NeoGrammar solves all grammatical and lexical needs of modern learners.

Grammar Live Training is

  • A 30-Day proven-method that has helped many people to write and speak correctly.
  • A face-to-face English learning system that produces the best results.
  • A coaching system rather than lecture.
  • A bundle of Training Videos on all the major areas of Advanced Grammar.
  • A training that saves your time at the comfort of your home.
  • A perfect framework for learning to speak and write correct English.
  • A system of support and help during and after the training with certificate.

What’s in the training?

everything that you need to write and speak powerful English. I will
teach you how to think so you can master English fast.

  • Module 1: Basics of Grammar Revisited.
  • Module 2: Learning the English Verb, its Modality and Aspect in detail.
  • Module 3: Functional Grammar with Modern Linguistic Approach
  • Module 4: The Syntactic Phrases and Clauses
  • Module 5: The Morphological Usage of 10 Parts of Speech
  • Module 6: Advanced English Translation Skills
  • Module 7: Most common errors at the advanced level.

FREE Study notes, homework and assignments!

How do I start?

The process is simple. Take this 30 minute free online test to Check Your Level of English. After you successfully complete the test, screenshot the test results and whatsapp the results to +92 312 990442.
Then click Register for the training.

Based on your level of English, customized language material is prepared to train you in English as per your needs and weakness and feed forward the results in your life and work.

Trainer’s profile

Naeem is the Trainer and Writer of NeoEnglish, IELTS Training and
NeoLinguistics. He’s an MA English with PGD-Linguistics. As a decoder of
Learning and Training, he’s a Business English Expert & Linguist
specialized in ESP.
He offers Presentation and Communication
Skills, Teacher Training, IELTS and Language Trainings for students,
teachers, doctors, managers and directors. FREE DOWNLOAD FLUENT ENGLISH E-BOOK.

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