Grammar: Conjunctions and Interjections

English Conjunctions and Interjections
A: Conjunctions link two words, phrases or sentences. Interjection express strong and quick emotions. In the examples below, Conunctions are bold and Interjections are in Italics.1. Karen teaches both judo and karate.
2. The headlights and radio are working.
3. Here are we!
4. Either Ms. Glass or Mr. Santo interviews him.
5. The boots are neither warm nor waterproof.
6. How kind are you!
7. He is not only rich but also generous.
8. Yahoo! We are the winners.
9. He is underweight but healthy.
10. She turned and tossed the ball.
11. I have got no money; therefore I plan to leave.
12. We will stay until they hand out the awards.
13. He is studying English because he wants to be a professor of English.
14. It doesn’t matter to me if you go to the park.
15. There does Ali come!
16. Shoo! You are a nice man.
17. Alas! The passengers are in trouble.

In the above example, option B is correct because ‘During’ is a preposition which can directly take Ing-Form but ‘While’ is a conunction which must take a Subject-Verb-Object Structure.


1. Fill in the proper conjunctions.

1. I haven’t really studied for this exam, ________ I feel a little nervous. I told him not to come, ____ he came anyway.
2. Do not do anything _ you hear from him first.
3. ____ I was really tired, I took a nap for 3 min.
4. _____ it was really hot outside, I wore shorts.
5. He has always done well on exams. This time, ________worked hard, he failed.
6. I won’t be able to borrow any more money ______ I pay off some of my previous debts.
7. ____ he wasn’t a good player, he played well.
8. The little girl slept ______ her father played.
9. You should try ________there are vacancies.
10. We cannot succeed ________ we are united.

2. Correct the following conjunctions

1. I have not seen him since.
2. If she work hard, she will pass.
3. You cannot speak English fluently unless you don’t think in English.
4. We are so busy as we cannot spare a minute.
5. She would rather scrub than to live with him.
6. Hurry up! Lest we shall miss the train.
7. Tell her in advanced lest she make any issues.
8. For, she is an intelligent student she should study further.
9. I slept after do my homework.
10. The students did lots of shopping while visiting the Lahore Museum.
11. Either you stay here silently or go from here.
12. I do not either like horror or action movies.
13. Not only you are my teacher but also a friend.
14. Either you understand the situation or not, but you are in danger.
15. Although the food was nice and delicious, yet people were very reserved.
16. I both speak English and Arabic.
17. She will quit the job as soon as it will be ten.
18. He poses himself as if he is the king.
19. In this factory, he works like a manager.
20. No one spoke during they were listening.
21. You are too bad you eat as a horse.

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