Grammar: Conditional Sentences

English Conditionals

A: Conditional sentences condition the action of the sentence to some other action. Conditionals have the following types:

  • The Zero Conditional (Type 0) “Phosphorus burns if you expose it to air.”
  • First Conditional (Type I) “If I have the money, I will buy this car.”
  • Second Conditional (Type II) “If I were you, I would not talk to him.”
  • Third Conditional (Type III) “If had studied harder, I would have aced the test.” Wish Sentences “I wish I hadn’t said that to him.”

B: Function of Conditional Sentences

1. I’ll do your homework if you do mine.  Bargain
2. If you do that again, I’ll hit you. Threat
3. If I were you, I’d buy the blue one. Advice
4. I’d do it better if I were Prime Minister. Blame
5. If I’d worked harder, I’d have passed the test. Regret
6. We wouldn’t have crashed if you’d slowed it. Hypothesis

‘If I were you, I would make peace with her’  is a correct sentence. Option B is correct but ‘If I was you, I will make peace with her‘ is incorrect.


1. Read and provide the correct forms.

Ray: We’re not going to get a better offer than that. If you ………. my advice, you’ll accept it.
Dave: I’m not so sure. If we ………. a few more days, I think we’ll get other offers.
Ray: Perhaps you are right. If you ………. , I’ll tell Jagger that
we need time to think it over. When he ………. that, he’ll be a bit
impatient but I’m sure that if I ………. to him sweetly enough he’ll
hold on and not look elsewhere. If things are looking a bit dicey, I
………. to you. Dave: So, if I ………. from you, I’ll assume
everything is fine.
Ray: Yep. I’ll only call you if I ……….
there is a problem. Dave: So unless I ………. from you, I ……….
no need to worry.

2. Fill in the sentences with proper forms.

1. If I (to be) you, I would apologize to her.
2. If I run into her, I (to tell) her about you.
3. If you (to do) that again, I will call the police.
4. If you were her, what (to do)?
5. If it doesn’t start snowing, we (to go skiing).
6. If I lose my job, I (to look) for a new one.
7. If she hadn’t told me to stay, I (to go).
8. If I were him, I (to take) that job.
9. He will never speak to me again if he (to find out) what happened.
10. I (to tell) you if I hadn’t thought it important.
11. If I were you, I (to go) to the beach instead of going to work.
12. If he had lived near, he always (come) to meet.
13. If I went there, I (give) him your message.
14. If he had started earlier, It (finish) in time.
15. He will return when he (do) his work.
16. No body (succeed) unless he (try).
17. Unless you (not care) you (not be) healthy.
18. If it (not rain) today, we (go) home.
19. They (win) the match yesterday if they (try).
20. We (reach) the station if we (leave) earlier.
21. I (call) you when I (be) free.

3. Correct the following sentences.

1. If you don’t let me go, I shout.
2. He will have succeeded if you had tried hard.
3. If it snow, we go to Murree.
4. He will pass the election if he attempted it.
5. If you didn’t stop this , we will call the police.
6. She would have recover if she had had pills.
7. We will call on you when he come back.
8. I will give you a treat when I learn English .
9. He will inform you when he have information.
10. Unless we don’t stay united, he cannot break us.

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