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You have learnt English but you still cannot understand English movies.
You make pronunciation mistakes when you speak English.
Your English Accent is not good enough.

All these issues result from poor Pronunciation. If you speak English fluent but your pronunciation is poor, you lose all power of Language. Pronunciation has never been easy for students to acquire. Their academic background mainly focuses on grammar and writing, rather than speaking and pronunciation so their pronunciation is not properly developed. If your pronunciation is weak, you cannot understand English movies and English News because their accent is different. It is surprising for most people that we do even the basic Alphabet of English wrong.

Bad Pronunciation is a personality killer.

Bad pronunciation kills your personal image. Speaking English in your native accent always undermines your personality. English Language must be articulated in the right pronunciation of the natives who actually use it.

Pronunciation for Business and Job

Wrong pronunciation can communicate wrong message. Good Pronunciation always pays – it is required for making business presentations and job interviews.

Most call-center jobs are reserved for people who know English Phonetics and Pronunciation.

Pronunciation Problems

It is difficult for most people to pronounce even basic alphabet correctly. For example, people will say:

Q /kyau/
Right pronunciation is /kh-yoo/

Even a small Vowel or Consonant mistake will make undermine your education. For example:

Suite = two double rooms
Normally, even educated people pronounce it as /soot/
correct pronunciation is /sweet/

Similarly, when words form sentences, pronunciation becomes even more important. Look at the following example:

Wuja gimi da play, fitsokay?

The sentence above will never be understood properly when spoken fluently by a native speaker of English. It is actually spoken as:

Would you give me the plate if it is OK?
Accent is reduced in the above sentence.

Further silent letters can be very confusing. A very common pronunciation mistake students make with the word, ‘Tomb’. They pronounce it as /tom-b/.

Some will pronounce it as /tom/
But the correct pronunciation is /toom/

British and American is another area.

British say:
I bought a car. /a-bo- a-ka/

Americans say:
I bought a car. /ai- bot-a-khaar/.

Only fluent English is not enough, accent reduction and pronunciation will improve your speaking power.

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