Dream-Scene of James in the play "The Boy Comes Home"

‘The Boy Comes Home’ is a light comedy woven around the theme of conflict between a boy Philip and his uncle James. As the play starts we observe a huge difference between the natures and views of Philip and his uncle. Early in the play we know that the conflict must take place, and we are kept in a state of hope and fear until the climax is reached. But the writer has very skilfully handled the situation with the help of a dream. The dream is definitely have a very important and significant role in the play. It gives a turn to the story and resolves the conflict between uncle and the nephew.

Uncle James comes home to talk to James on business issues. His wife tells him about the changed behaviour of Philip and also the scene between Philip and house maid Somme. She warns him to be careful while talking to Philip. Uncle James sits alone and starts dozing. Here he watches a dream and sees Philip to deal with him in a threatening way. After awakening from sleep he finds Philip coming into the room. He gets horrified and makes up his mind to agree to the point of view of his nephew. The matters are settled quite friendly between James and Philip. Thus the dream not only resolves the conflict between James and Philip but also helps the story to end happily. This key role of this incident makes it also a very significant and important part of the play. 

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