Discuss the female Characters in "Smoke-Screen" Or Compare Lucy, Susan and Primrose

Primrose, Lucy and Susan are the three main characters of the play “Smoke Screen”. They all have different ideas. There is a sharp difference between their points of view. Susan is a conservative lady. She believes in the conventional and Victorian values. She thinks that there must be a strict discipline in the home.

The children should be strictly and harshly cared by their parents. She also believes that parents should use power of the purse to prevent them doing what parents do not want them to do.

Lucy is the sister of Susan. She is a self-made practical lady and running her own business. She is liberal minded and does not believe in Victorian morality or conservative ideas. She thinks that children should be allowed to do what ever they want to do. They should fully enjoy their life. She thinks that there should be no check or restriction on the doings to children.
Primrose is the daughter of Lucy. She is an intelligent girl with a modern surface. She does not like restrictions and conventional values. She wears lipstick, smokes cigarettes and goes to parties. At the same time she is more realistic than her mother and aunt. She believes in the beauty of love, ideas and thinking. She does not judge others by their physical fascination. She decides to marry John who is an ugly and fat man jut because he loves her. She believes that in marriage love and sincerity is more important that physical beauty.  

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