Corporate Language Training

We are living in a world of competition where customers are spread across cities, countries and continents. Language is the only tool in this competitive world to communicate your business message across the globe, increase sales and expand your business. Corporate Language Training targets this goal.

Language Training helps you to

  • Improve your confidence
  • Advance your career and find a better job
  • Make winning presentations and speak effectively at public occasions
  • Communicate for life and work
  • Be a excellent trainer and transfer knowledge successfully
  • Lead your teams better as a corporate leader
  • Make sales and expand your business
  • Be a good team player and advance teams to a shared vision

Types of Trainings

NEO offers the following Corporate Language Trainings:

  • The Leadership English: Lead teams effectively!
  • The Sales English: Increase your sales and expand your business!
  • The Team English: Let teams acheive their shared vision without conflict!
  • Employability Training: Search, Apply for the Job and Get Hired!
  • Presentation Skills Training: Stand, Speak and Get Results!
  • Communication Skills Training: Get connected and Communicate clearly!
  • Train the Trainer Programme: Transfer your expertise to the others!

How do I start?
The process is simple. Take this 30 minute free online test to Check Your Level of English. After you successfully complete the test, screenshot the test results and whatsapp the results to +92 312 990442. 
Then click Register for the training.

Based on your level of English, customized language material is prepared to train you in language as per your needs and weakness and feed forward the result in your life and work.

Trainer’s profile

Naeem is the Trainer and Writer of NeoEnglish, IELTS Training and
NeoLinguistics. He’s an MA English with PGD-Linguistics. As a decoder of
Learning and Training, he’s a Business English Expert
specialized in ESP. He offers Language Trainings for students, teachers,
doctors, managers and leaders. Click to DOWNLOAD HIS BUSINESS ENGLISH E-BOOK.

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