writing is the process to make promotional and advertising material
that sells the product. Copy writing is the written copy of the actual
product that helps the reader buy the product. Copy writing can be in
the form of brochures, emails, articles, catalogues and general
advertising material.

Purpose of Copy writing

Unlike website writing whose purpose is
the inform the reader, copy writing aims to persuade the reader to buy
the actual product. So copy is everywhere and the copywriter is a
salesman in print. Business English article on this blog finely shows the basic principles of copy writing:

The right message for the right audience means nothing unless you
structure your message in a proper way so the audience can understand
it. The structure must have a flow for easy comprehension. You must use
catchy headings and powerful introductory paragraphs so the message hits
the heart and mind of the target reader.

Here is an example of copy writing that informs and persuades:

of your success in IELTS comes from where you prepare and how you
prepare for the test. IELTS Success depends on practicing Real IELTS in a
certain way. Most students only practice IELTS papers. That’s a wrong
thing to do. You need to practice the key skills. Don’t focus English
improvement when practicing IELTS. The right way is to practice the
key skills required in IELTS exam and work on them to maximise your
results. NeoStrategies help you do that. Many of our students got 8.5
Bands in IELTS, you can get 8+ Bands too. NeoIELTS Training

Here’s an example of preamble from a college prospectus:

education has been the pinpoint of discussion for intellectuals,
thinkers and educationists since the creation of Pakistan. The
importance of education in the present century in which knowledge has
replaced wealth, information has controlled weapons and the world focus
is centered on the know-nots instead of have-nots, is self-explanatory. 

Technology and Copy writing

Technology has expanded the scope of
copy writing and copywriters. You can do lots of research on almost any
topic and gather information to write copy on almost any topic on the
globe. Most copies are published on the internet so copy also has the
objective to cater for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) settings for
higher page rankings.

In Internet Marketing, copy is what prompts readers to take action.

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