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The Bear
‘The Bear’ is a comic play. It is full of many humorous situations and dialogues which do nothing but cause laughter. The story of the play is a romantic advancement between a male and female character through strange and unusual dialogues.

Smirnov, the hero of the play, comes to Popova to receive his money but falls in love with her and proposes her. Popova, who is appears as a gloomy widow in the beginning exchanges hot words with Smirnov but finally accepts to be the beloved of Smirnov.

The Boy Comes Home
          The play can be described as a light comedy. It is entertaining and witty throughout, but that does not necessarily make it a comedy. The ending seems ‘right’, and satisfies our wishes because the hero—a real hero—defeats the villain, who is a pompous, bullying uncle. Early in the play we know that the conflict must take place, and we are kept in a state of hope and fear until the climax is reached and passed.
Something To Talk About
          The play is a clever and pleasant representation of the temperament of a modern English People. Modern and advanced class of English people has been criticized in a light way. They take the worst situation as an adventure and try to enjoy it. A burglar comes to the Sydney family to rob them. But he is received with an unexpected honour and pleasure. His bewilderment at being treated with such genuine politeness is enjoyable. But the real interest comes when after having all the valuables, he decides to return the things back and easily entrapped into the soft alluring net of Sydney family.

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