Conflict between Uncle James and Philip (Generation Gap)

The play, ‘The Boy Comes Home’ is a comedy. It has been woven around the main theme of the conflict between a villain type uncle, James and his nephew Philip. The conflict between uncle and the nephew seems to be multidimensional and encircles the factors of difference of personality, age and point of view.

Philip, the hero of the play, comes home after passing four years as a soldier in war. In the home there was a strict discipline. After his return from war he wants to start a new business and needs money. But he cannot get money from his uncle until he is twenty five years of age. From here the main conflict starts between him and his uncle. Moreover the strict discipline in the home set by his uncle also irritates Philip. Uncle James has a suppressing attitude and he likes to behave in an authoritative way. He tries to deal with Philip in the same way but Philip has been in the army and responds his uncle in a more strict and authoritative way. When Uncle James tries to use the powers of money, Philip responds him with his intentions to use the power of revolver. The rough and strict attitude of Philip has been shown through a dream in the play.
Any how in the end both the uncle and the nephew make reconciliation and James grants Philip to do whatever he wants. The ending of the play seems ‘right’, and satisfies our wishes because the hero—a real hero—defeats his villain-like pompous, bullying uncle.

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