Character-Sketch “Rebel” by D.J. Enright


>The title of the poem looks very startling; but when we read the poem, we find no fights, revolution or conflcits; typically expected of the presencen of a rebel. Here the word ‘rebel’ does not refer to a political activist or non-conformist; but a person who is socially a misfit. 

He has no political aims; but has only personal urge to expose himself before others. “The Rebel“ is a lightly expressed poem written in a casual style free of any bitterness or critcism. The poet shows the charater of rebel. One who does not conform to the norms of society and has a contradictory attitude based on self-assertion. This is not typically a political rebel who wants a revolution in the country; but this is a common adolecent boy who, for his inexperience, exhibits himself so as to draw attention. The conceopt of rebel is wrapped up in each and every line of the poem. Our expected is dazzled when we find such contradictory statements as ‘long hair’ and ‘short hair’, We do have such rebels in society. The title of the poem is not imaginaty; but realistic.

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