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Create and communicate your business message powerfully. Kick-start your success at work and power your career.

The world has changed, and the business is global now. Teams and customers are spread across nations and countries. Do you know where English is needed?

When asked what communication skills employees needed, one recruiter said that newhires “need the ability to take something that is awkwardly written and make it flow smoothly—to express business ideas in writing that is 180 degrees [different] from writing for English classes.” Surveys of employers show that communication skills are critical to effective job placement, performance, career advancement, and organizational success. “Businesses are crying out—they need to have people who write better,” said Gaston Caperton, business executive because

  • English is the language of the corporate world.
  • English is the language of Freelancing.
  • English is the language of Internet Marketing.
  • English is the language of business communication all over the world.
  • English is the language of successful people.

As soon as you move one step up from the bottom, your effectiveness depends on your ability to reach others through the spoken and written word. PETER DRUCKER

Business Pressure for Language

If you want to buy or sell, you have to communicate with a diverse range of customers and other business partners. Most often, they do not speak your native language, so if you cannot communicate in English, you are limiting your growth in markets where people speak English. You have competitive pressure.

What is POWER Business English?

POWER Business English is English that people use in the business world. Excellent English is essential for individuals and organizations that communicate internationally. English is the fastest-spreading language in human history. It is spoken at a useful level by some 1.75 billion people worldwide—that means every four of us speaks English.

To help meet the demand for higher-level English in the workplace, POWER Business English Course is highly recommended.

Audience matters in communication

There are different people so there are different messages. Communication always happens – we cannot control it, but we try to make communication as effective as possible by writing effective messages that target the audience.

Structuring the message

The right message for the right audience means nothing unless the message is structured properly, so the audience can understand it. The structure must have a flow for easy comprehension. Catchy headings and powerful introductory paragraphs hit the hearts and minds of the target readers.

Words have power

Communication is not possible without words. Certain words have more emotional power than others. Words like ‘family’, ‘kids’ and ‘home’ have more emotional appeal while words like ‘relatives’, ‘boys’ and ‘house’
have almost no positive emotional appeal – they disperse the reader. Words used in a proper context can be magical.

Words are thought of as being like wagons; load them up, send them off, and the goods will be automatically delivered.

Communication is simple

This communication process generally involves five steps: Sender has an idea. The sender encodes the idea in a message. Message travels over a channel. Receiver decodes message. Feedback travels to sender. Business Communication is not a college subject; it is a skill that changes business itself. Entrepreneurs, trainers, businessmen and teachers all need business communication to convey their business message.

The ability to write opens doors to professional employment. Communication skills are critical for your success because business is globalized and most communication is conducted in English.”

What is in the course?

  • Writing and responding to all types of business messages.
  • Learn effective message planning that targets your audience.
  • Structure your message for easy comprehension.
  • Use Power Diction and Vocabulary to influence your buyers.
  • Learning fantastic revising and editing techniques.
  • Copy-writing techniques and CRM.
  • Effective revising model and grammar sense.  

How do I start?

WhatsApp +92 312 990442 and our team will contact you or contact by clicking the link Register for the training.

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