BA English Poetry: Central Idea of New Year Resolutions by Elizabeth Sewell

“New Year Resolutions” is a very practical and realistic poem and inspires in man the spirit of leading a pure, realistic, practical and successful life. Although it is a custom that people welcome the advent of the New Year by indulging in merriment but Elizabeth Sewell does not like to follow this tradition of drinking and dancing. She welcomes the New Year by making her

extraordinary resolutions. 

She realizes that previously she passed her time carelessly without distinguishing between good and evil. This year she will try to atone for the blunders and sins committed by her in the past. She will

peep into her conscience at least twice a day to adjust herself to the bitterness of the reality of her life.

She will not be oblivious of making amendments for her shortcomings. She will thus feel comforted only when she is able to confront reality. Only then will she no longer remain a hypocrite. The poem is highly practical and realistic as it teaches us the same. She wants us to use our moments of silence to purge our impurities. She wants us to make

psychoanalysis of ourselves

by remembering twice daily who we are. Lastly, we should remove the congenial arms of falsehood and lie in the bony arms of reality. This is the main theme; practical and realistic that the poem teaches us. Thus, this poem is different from other poems.

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