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The Story of NEO

NEO stands for Naeem Educational Organisation. NEO aims to promote education because it’s the only way to bring change to society. A key component of education is language. Language is the most powerful tool to break the status quo and bring behavioral transformation in the individual which leads to social change at large.

NEO is the brain-child of Prof.Naeem who believes that language makes us – and words define our present, past and future. Words are the currency of communication, and they can be employed for a common good.

How the story began…

I have diverse experience in teaching English. I taught in City School, BeaconHouse, LACAS, Minhaj University, SKANS College, and UMT. While teaching in these institutes, I observed that I had always been teaching three types of students:

  • Those who needed motivation to learn
  • Those who needed knowledge to learn
  • Those who needed practice to learn

First two types of students

Some students needed the motivation to start learning. They were motivated but they only wanted knowledge. They were fond of getting as much knowledge of the subject. For example, they would study tenses, grammar, punctuation, writing, and speaking but they never practised what they learnt and they stopped at this stage – for them getting knowledge is real learning.

Other students had motivation, and they wanted to get information and knowledge but more than that – they wanted to practice what they learnt. They believed, “Practice makes learning”. So, they practised and learned what was practiced. As a result, they learnt only what they were taught and what they practised.

Who are the fourth type of students?

The most important thing was that even if students got motivation, knowledge, and practice, their learning never benefited them. Why? Because, for me, learning means change. If your psychological, social or financial behavior doesn’t change, there is no benefit of learning – learning is different from studying. Studying means grasping information in your mind good enough to practice. Learning actually means being able to demonstrate what you have learned. If you cannot show by demonstration what you have learned you have not learned at all.

A language example

When students want to learn English, they are at the Motivation Stage – they have the desire to learn English because they have reasons behind it. When they start learning Tenses, Grammar, Reading, and Writing, they are at the Knowledge Stage. They are getting information in their mind. Some students are only at this stage and they think that they are learning, but they are not. When they are practising their lessons, they think that they are learning because they can solve certain exercises, they are at the Practice Stage. I am not saying that these stages are not important the last stage is missing – the Creative Stage which is important to learn otherwise they will forget what they have learned and their learning will never help them.

So, I developed NEO.

NEO helps people learn English by improving their psychological state so that their learning helps them personally, socially, and financially. NEO is a symbol of change. Neo also means “New” which means if there’s no creativity in Learning, education is a waste.

If we reorder the words by placing O before N, NEO becomes ONE which means that everything that happens in the entire universe happens because of ONE being responsible; one being in control of their destiny. If you want to learn something, take one step, It could be one step, one effort, and one idea. You want to bring change, change One – Yourself. You are the one.

Now if you take N at the end of the word, it becomes EON which means time. Real learning takes time. Learning is not a product; it is a process that takes time. You cannot improve yourself overnight; however, you can improve yourself in a short period of time with consistent efforts.

If you bring E to the start, it becomes ENO which means “Great”. If you make OEN – it means a gentleman. And finally, if we place O before E, it becomes NOE which means to “Know and Learn”. The main purpose of this organisation is hidden in the word “NEO”. The main purpose of Naeem Educational Organisation is to bring change by changing one – if your learning doesn’t help you personally, socially, and financially – your learning is a waste.

My Message

Dear Learners:

The importance of education in the present century is unquestionable because this is the age of information. In the information age, language comes first and you don’t learn a language with traditional methods. You need new methods with personal skills that boost your language capabilities. NEO was established with this purpose in mind.

NEO is committed to the harmonious development of a learner’s intellectual, spiritual, and linguistic faculties. Thus, we humanize learning to target the actual practical, and conceptual needs of our learners in the actual context of society making them not good learners, but good human beings.

For my message, I believe that the Muslims never required such great communicators in the present doubting century as ever before. I, sincerely, believe that we must be equipped with linguistic and intellectual tools in order to put across our message to the world at large.

Our mission is to build a nation with linguistically-trained human beings functioning effectively in society.

I welcome all those who chose NEO and wish them success.


Muhammad Naeem

Address: College Road, Lahore, Pakistan
Contact +92 312 990 44 22
Email: neotrainings@gmail.com

Profile Website: profnaeem.com

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